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Mar 20, 2014 06:26 PM

Scallop Prices

I was in Costco the other day and was looking at the frozen shrimp and scallops. Scallops were $35.00 a bag. I've bought them in the last year & $20.00 sticks in mind. What happened? Is this related to the gulf oil spills? I know I was in an upscale Palm Beach Gardens restaurant & ordered scallops on pasta & they were the size of dice. I sort of get it when you see the ingredient cost. I think it would be better to take it off the menu than serve an inferior product.

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    1. I've been seeing larger sea scallops from George's Bank brought into New Bedford at close to $30/lb in Boston retail markets; up from $20 ish/ lb in past years.

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        I bought some of the largest scallops I've ever seen last week at a fish market in Portland at around $22 per pound. 12 scallops = 1 1/2 pounds so U8. They had smaller (I think around U16?) for $18 per pound. Anyway, they were delicious. Restaurants have been having to charge a premium (last night saw them on a menu at $30 but don't know how large a serving). As the articles that ipsedixit above allude to, it's a very basic supply and demand issue. I go so far as to warn against any bargain scallops on a menu or at a shop right now. You're probably not going to end up with a very good product.

      2. I just bought a bag today and yes $35 for 2 lbs $18/lb and I was thinking they were less the last time I bought them

          1. Still cheaper than eating out