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Scallop Prices

I was in Costco the other day and was looking at the frozen shrimp and scallops. Scallops were $35.00 a bag. I've bought them in the last year & $20.00 sticks in mind. What happened? Is this related to the gulf oil spills? I know I was in an upscale Palm Beach Gardens restaurant & ordered scallops on pasta & they were the size of dice. I sort of get it when you see the ingredient cost. I think it would be better to take it off the menu than serve an inferior product.

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    1. I've been seeing larger sea scallops from George's Bank brought into New Bedford at close to $30/lb in Boston retail markets; up from $20 ish/ lb in past years.

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        I bought some of the largest scallops I've ever seen last week at a fish market in Portland at around $22 per pound. 12 scallops = 1 1/2 pounds so U8. They had smaller (I think around U16?) for $18 per pound. Anyway, they were delicious. Restaurants have been having to charge a premium (last night saw them on a menu at $30 but don't know how large a serving). As the articles that ipsedixit above allude to, it's a very basic supply and demand issue. I go so far as to warn against any bargain scallops on a menu or at a shop right now. You're probably not going to end up with a very good product.

      2. I just bought a bag today and yes $35 for 2 lbs $18/lb and I was thinking they were less the last time I bought them

          1. Still cheaper than eating out

            1. Is it related to the oil spill? That must exactly be it..

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                I don't think those scallops were any where near the BP oil spill in the Gulf

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                  George's Bank, New Bedford, Ma and Maine Bay are nowhere near any oil spills.

                  Ocean waters were several degrees colder than the last few years.

                  Boston Harbor had some slight freezing; which hasn't occurred in more than several years.

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                  Why would you think that?

                  I don't even think there is a commercial scallop fishery in the Gulf...is there?

                3. The scallops are U15 size, meaning the are up to fifteen scallops per pound. Those are very large and as with most seafood sold that way eg; shrimp, the price is based on quality and size. BTW - it's a good value.

                  1. They're usually about $18-20/lb for big sea scallops any day. And like scubadoo97 says... still cheaper than eating out. I'm cooking for one, so 3-4 nice big ones is PLENTY for me.

                    1. The scallops the size of a dime are bay scallops. Not inferior in any way...unless the actual quality was bad. Scallops come in many different sizes and price ranges.