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Mar 20, 2014 04:20 PM

Need to narrow a steak choice

I need to choose a place for a steak. Here are the choices... Also, do these places have a cut you recommend.
Vic and Anthony
Pappa Bro's

I also love a Lump crab cake but they all have that.

Kinda ruled out Taste of Texas.
It's our 15 yr anniversary.

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    1. Vic and Anthony's. I have never had a bad meal there and they have what I (and my whole family and friends) think is the best crab cake anywhere. The crab cake has so little filling so you are eating pretty much crab and it is awesome.

      I have always found Pappa Bros salty and never been a Perry's fan.

      1. I would also eliminate Perry's. V&A and Pappa's offer a level of elegance and service that are great for celebrations. Also, I like Brenner's and their truffle butter steak topping.

        1. Hands down -- Vic & Anthony's. Their crab cake is in a class by itself. Steaks are always perfect. Request "Fulmer" as your server, and you'll have an amazing experience to commemorate your anniversary.