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Mar 20, 2014 04:14 PM

My Seoncd Delcious Craft Beer

I hope in this I do not omit anything.

Omssion, a Gluten free Pale Ale was tasty.

Thus said, it was rather lonely not to have the President with me.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Does Omission even count as a Craft Beer?
      Publicly Traded on NASDAQ, 30% or so Owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev and Production over 700,000 Barrels.

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      1. re: chefj

        Whether it's craft depends on who you talk to.

        Of course, the BA says it's not. But many industry publications include a number of beers, such as Blue Moon, for example, in craft-beer sales figures.

        1. re: chefj

          Define craft.

          Is producing an abundance of something, a product that is made with careful or to some extent, care, to the attributes of quality, exclude it from being labeled 'craft'.

          I have no idea. I was duped. Having not seen this beer ever before, it was housed in a retail refrigeration case, along side all so called craft beers, minus a few long time larger brews.

          So, you demystified this retail item for me, maybe. But the question may still stand, what defines craft.....

          as long as after 4 or 5 bottles, I can may be craft.

          noun, plural crafts or for 5, 8, craft.
          1. an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill: the craft of a mason.

          2. skill; dexterity: The silversmith worked with great craft.

          the end of quote

            1. re: chefj

              Clam down....what does this mean.

        2. I've never heard of it, gluten free beer doesn't interest me --but if you like it, then you like it. I have no idea what constitutes a craft beer anymore, it's gotten so ridiculous. (I mean, nano breweries, bitch please.). In Bev owns a lot of stuff. My fav "local" brewery is now in 20 states. Doesn't mean it's shit beer.

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          1. re: charlesbois

            Here is a definition from the Brewer's Association
            No one said it was a shit beer just not a Craft Beer

            1. re: chefj

              Very true. I think I conflated your response with the previous one.

            2. re: charlesbois

              Omission is brewed from barley malt and treated with an enzyme that knocks out almost all the gluten, hence it tastes more like real beer, because it is.

              1. re: charlesbois

                "I have no idea what constitutes a craft beer anymore, it's gotten so ridiculous"

                with an echo a reverberating " it's gotten so ridiculous".

                I think that this is one of the most important insights on retail commodification and product fetish, or market fetish, so far.

                Since I came upon the craft 'craze' if I may call it that, rather late, I do find that this crazed aspect of it was a turn off.

                Once shaking oneself from all the egos, and the personalities and niche jargon, there is left, simply the beer itself.

                And that may be the best position to indulge, and sample.

                There is virtue in small batches that are locally appreciated. That was how it used to be before big oil spurred transport, and other forces spurred mass production. So, we can find that, still I think.

                In the end, I will have to consult with the President.


              2. Interesting... I just saw the Mission line for the first time at a store this afternoon. Definitely appreciate your tasting comments and please keep them coming!

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                1. re: TombstoneShadow

                  It was quite good.

                  A nice 5.6 percent alcohol level.

                  The Pale Ale nature is balanced, I would say, and I superior to Sierra Nevada .

                  I have long stopped relying on Sierra Nevada.....

                  1. re: jonkyo

                    btw... are you drinking this directly from the bottle or pouring into a glass? I've yet to meet the first truly exceptional beer that didn't improve after pouring from the bottle or draft into a glass.

                    Sierra Nevada PA, for example, I find nearly undrinkable direct from the bottle, but on draft or when decanted into a glass is quite a nice "everyday" PA to my palate.... recognizing that others might find it a bit on the bitter-dry and singular side.

                    1. re: TombstoneShadow

                      You do have a point.

                      I was using a whiskey glass offered by the restaurant wait staff, who brought water in it to my table.

                      They first plopped down a huge wide and average height mug, that I did not want to drink beer out of.

                      The whiskey glass, think, and typical of such, was perfect, and yes, much preferable than bottle, especially with food, and especially this taste of the IPA.

                      I have to say I have had same or similar experiences that you have had, though with other beer, that you refer to with SN PA.

                      1. re: jonkyo

                        Whiskey glass SHAPE is okay, but I'd actually prefer the mug. I think the greater volume of the mug will hold the wafting scent of the beer better than a shallower whiskey glass. You might experiment next time, try 2 different shape glasses and see which best delivers the flavor of the beer..

                        1. re: TombstoneShadow

                          The small opening of the whiskey glass that tappers up from its base, is much more concentrated.

                          The tea cups are narrow, for smelling the scent of the tea from Fujian Province (福建) county of An Xi (安溪县), the tea being Tie Guan Yin (鐵觀音).

                          Ladies apply perfume to the narrows behind the ears.

                2. The original comment has been removed