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Mar 20, 2014 03:43 PM

Another White Pizza

In keeping with my newfound love for pizza with no tomato sauce, I turned out this one tonight. Mozz, leeks, assorted mushrooms, and prosciutto. It came out great and I believe it was as good (or better) as the Brussels sprouts one I did a few weeks ago.

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  1. I totally stole your 'sprout idea and it's been a regular ever since!

    Can I steal this one too? Or better yet can you send me a slice?

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    1. Looks great and sounds delicious. Did you precook the leeks first?

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      1. re: Springhaze2

        I precooked the leeks in butter on med-high for about 5 minutes, added the mushrooms and cooked about 5 minutes more. I put the prosciutto right on top. On a stone in a 550 oven for 7 minutes.

          1. re: carrytheone

            I love Chowhound. It's great that someone can ask about dough hydration and the person asked has the answer.

            1. re: sandylc

              And I love that someone else (me), isn't ashamed to ask..."what are you talking about?"...

                1. re: Shrinkrap

                  By weight. If you have 1000 grams of flour, 65% hydration would be 650 grams of water.

            2. That looks yummy. Leeks are so underappreciated.

              1. If you want more ideas, I like doing a white pizza with mascarpone, spinach (pre-cooked) and prosciutto :)

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                1. re: Sirrith

                  my favorite is spinach, ricotta, and caramelized onions.

                  1. re: Madrid

                    I like using spinach, but ricotta isn't a favorite. That's why I make Strombolis and not Calzones. A very big favorite here is my spinach, mozz, bacon, garlic. I bake it in a half-sheet pan for the first 5 minutes and then slide it out to finish on the stone. We used to get these at a place called Cap's in Vero Beach FL. When the family all moved to GA, the folks at Cap's refused to give me their recipe, so it took a while to duplicate it.

                    1. re: grampart

                      Ooh, that's so much spinach, it looks healthy! I like a little spinach w/ clams and garlic, parm cheese.

                      1. re: chowser

                        Actually, it's only one package of frozen chopped, but it does have a whole ound of bacon!