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Mar 20, 2014 01:27 PM

Produce in Ambler ???

We are going to be visiting Ambler soon, and cooking with friends and some family. We need to plan a few good meals and would appreciate any information on either Green Markets or vegy stands/store?
Thanks so much.

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  1. I just moved to the area so I don't know much yet but there is a Whole Foods in North Wales - just 10 or 15 minutes away.

    I don't know of any green markets in that area. There will be some farmers markets opening up soon, but I don't think any of them are year round, except the one in Phoenixville which is open every other Saturday I think.

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    1. Your other option for a wide selection of produce would be Assi Market in Lansdale/North Wales. Oriental market with tons of fresh produce,

      Ambler Farmers Market opens May 10th this year.

      1. Jim and Ralph's on Ridge Ave., a 20 min drive from Ambler is a Green Market, it is extensive in selection and very cheap but often 20 min wait for ones number to be called. It is not at all upscale by any standard, basically a warehouse. As Yogi would say, "it is so busy no one goes there any more". Another closer to Ambler is the Erdenheim Farm Market which specializes in fresh farm grown produce but does offer other high quality produce off season at what I have noticed are premium prices. Google for directions.

        1. Unfortunately, Ambler is essentially a food desert when it comes to locally sourced options. It is odd, considering the amount of great eateries in town, but true.

          The Ambler Farmers' Market opens May 3rd and runs through the month of October. The market offers fresh, local, and some organic produce, in addition to meat, cheese, fish, wine, an awesome assortment of baked goods, and more.

          Also, there is a recently reopened market on Bethlehem Pike called Mommy's (formerly Sunny's), which sells produce and fish, but I haven't been yet, so I can't comment.

          If you are here on a Saturday before May, and don't mind a little drive, there is an outdoor farmers' market in Chestnut Hill (at the bottom of the hill) which is small, but has some great local produce. Rineer Family Farms has a nice stand, also there is a great mushroom guy there. If you go, I suggest stopping at Chestnut Hill Coffee for a delicious cup of coffee while you are there, as a good coffee shop is another thing that Ambler is lacking. Hopefully, not for long!

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            You don't need to go as far as Chestnut Hill, Flourtown Farmer's market is closer. Take Bethlehem Pike from Ambler into Flourtown.


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              Yes, I just prefer Rineer Farms, and an excuse to visit CH :)

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                That's great to know! Is this a year-round market?

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                  Flourtown and Chestnut Hill are year round. Ambler is May-October.

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                    Flourtown Farmer's Market has terrific chicken, beef and pork from actual farms. However, the produce is not at all farm fresh, folks that run the stand are very much about the business rather than the clients and barely average stuff, much of it being gussied up in the back corner.
                    Much of the prepared food is quite good. Georgina's Mexican food is excellent, especially the empanadas and there is another stand toward the back on the right, with more Latin flavored prepared food. The bread stand sells breads from other bread outlets saving some time from dashing around town for breads (Le Bus, Baker Street, etc.)
                    Once the Ambler Farmer's Market is open, you will be pleased. It hosts a different set of farmers than the other close-by markets. The baker there Alice Bakery ( comes from North Wales, PA and is among the best bakers around (baguettes, sticky buns, tarts, muffins).

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                      Interesting. The bibb lettuce that I bought today was great! Very tender. The celery, brussels sprouts, artichokes, etc., looked much better than what I've been seeing at the Jenkintown Whole Foods.

                      I like having access to local breads since the grocery stores don't carry it. Thanks for the info about Alice Bakery. Can't wait to try it.

                      I'm really getting psyched to explore all the other markets, including the ones in Center City!

                2. I just took PattiCakes' rec and went to the Flourtown market and it was pretty great. It was a lot larger than I was expecting. It's all indoors and there are several vendors - a couple of cheesemongers, fresh meats, poultry & fish, pies & cakes, candy, bread from local bakeries like Metropolitan, salads of all kinds, a Mexican counter with prepared food as well as staples, a deli, a Middle Eastern counter, and a very large section of fresh produce that all looked amazing. I was mostly there to get acquainted with the local markets so I only bought a few things but I can definitely recommend this market and will be back often.