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Mar 20, 2014 12:37 PM

Kansas City recommendations please

I will be in Kansas City for two lunches and one dinner, open to all foods, no budget restrictions.

I plan on trying blue koi for lunch one day unless told otherwise.

I have been to Arthur Bryant's, Oklahoma Joe's, jack stack, extra virgin, Bo lings, blanc burger and drunken fish.

Heard things about novel? Where else do you recommend? No national chains please

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  1. Where are you staying? Have not been to Novel so cannot help you there. Have been to Rye (riff on Heartland food) for lunch and it was very good. If you like Extra Virgin, La Bodega is similar as it is small plates. Really like the ahi tuna and the shrimp wrapped in pancetta there - don't get the paella, it is consistently dry. If you like beef, we often take out of towners to Garozzos for bistecca modiga. All of these are in the Leawood - Overland Park area.

    And if you are trying more barbecue - LC's is the best, hands-down. Burnt ends - heavenly.

    1. If you find yourself in downtown KC (MO), try GrĂ¼nauer which does some amazing things with pork (from shank to pork to liver), and its cocktail menu is very interesting.

      Beignet is also good for, what else, but beignets.

      1. I really like blue koi, try the brisket with noodles. or the crispy stuffed eggplant.

        haven't been to novel, I hear it's wonderful.

        Depends where you are from, and what you like, but if you want some really good, very informal mexican hit up el pollo rey for smoky grilled chicken. It's in so. KCK, fairly near I-35.

        1. I am very fond of Cafe Europa for both lunch or dinner, especially with a slice of lemon cake for dessert.

          I am not wild about the atmosphere at Affaire, but I think the food there is far superior to that of Grunauer. The chef has a really deft hand with German food.

          And Novel is very good. The smoked potatoes side is sublime.

          1. Room 39 is consistently excellent - informal, yet with very high standards, and located in that charming "restaurant row" district on 39th close to State Line. Well worth a dinner there.

            I haven't been to Novel yet, but it's definitely on my list for my next visit to KC this summer.

            I would also recommend Genessee Royale in the West Bottoms district for a lunch. Some of my friends also rave about Voltaire, which is recently opened in the West Bottoms - that's another place I want to try out soon.