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MC Perkins Cove, ME

I am planning a trip to Ogunquit in May and was not going to go to MC this trip as I thought it was expensive and going downhill since we started going up. But I am just wondering, since Arrow closed, are they focusing more on it and has it improved?

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  1. I haven't been in over the winter, but, with their recent opening of MC Spiedo in Boston, I wouldn't be overly optimistic--

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      True. I'm thinking about trying David's in kennebunkport. Have you heard anything? Or this n that?

      1. re: wincountrygirl

        I like David's--I've never been to the KPT one but I've eaten at the Portland outpost (a lot over the years--I had my casual lunchtime wedding reception there), as well as David's 388 in South Portland and enjoyed them. There's also Ocean in Kennebunkport. I'm not sure if Earth will be open then but it's worth checking out later in the season if you come back.

        I've never heard of This 'n That Cafe--the name suggests ubiquitous beach cafe tho. I saw in your other post that you referenced This 'n That as being where Prime was. Google tells me That Place in Ogunquit (yes, that's the name...) is where Prime was--I haven't been, but the menu looks decent--similar to Prime.

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          You're right. I got the name wrong! We've been to Ocean and plan to go this trip. Just looking for some more places. We have 5 nights. How on earth I make that name up!

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            wcg, it sounds like our restnt tastes may be similar. Are you planning on spending some time in Portland or Portsmouth?(Have you visited either before?) They both have some wonderful aspects and Portland has been garnering quite the accolades lately for their 'best small city dining' options. Lots of threads if you do a search.

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              Thanks opinionated! We may head up to Portland for lunch one day. I'd rather not drive up and back for dinner if the trip is long. Also, do you have an recs in the Ogunquit/Kennebunkport/York area? Ocean is a definite and we will try Davids. Probably do Five-Oh Shore Road and maybe Clay Hill - just because it's pretty back there! Wen to the White Barn in two years ago and hated it, btw. If you're interested:


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                I'd definitely recommend coming to Portland! We have a lot of good stuff going on here food wise. It's roughly a 40-45 minute drive from Ogt to Portland when it's not the high summer beach season. You also have the option of taking the Amtrak Downeaster train from Wells to Portland then cabbing or walking around Portland--it also takes about 45 minutes.

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                  Bandaloop in Kennebunkport is consistently good if not excellent - they really try to use local ingredients. For breakfast, try the newly reopened Wayfarer in Cape Porpoise or even better the Palace Diner in Biddeford.

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                    I have to say, that Wayfarer in Cape Popoise looks good and the Palace is great - what a piece of history! Thanks for the recs.

                    1. re: wincountrygirl

                      where is the Palace? thanks!

                      1. re: Disneyfreak

                        Palace diner in Biddeford


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                    wcg, are you coming from CA? sorry i can't help you with restnts in your O/K/Y area; i will be learning from you there. But i find the growth of the Portland restnt scene
                    quite exciting, another star in the crown of this beautifully preserved 19th c. jewel city!

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                      No, I'm not sure why you think I'm coming from CA. I'm from NY!

                      1. re: wincountrygirl

                        i thought there might be an e missing from your moniker.

                        1. re: opinionatedchef

                          Yes, there is. A typo when I registered that I can't change!! But its not because I'm from there, but just because I love it there!!! We spent many vacations in the Napa Valley.

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                      I like Jonathans in Ogunquit on Rt 1 and Bourne lane. ,Also like Angelina's Italian Restorante. on Rt.1 Also for Italian I like Varano's on Mile Rd. In Wells , All are nice places good food, and priced right. Also there is the Steakhouse on Rt.1 in Wells. Serve a nice steak and many different kinds. (http://www.the-steakhouse.com/) Give it a look, Good luck ,, Earle

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                    Just an update. We had reservations for dinner last night at That Place in Ogunquit. We walked there and when we waited to be seated we were informed that the dining room was not opened. We were welcome to sit in the bar, but we were not interested I trying to eat dinner while balancing on those high tables. Now, I made these reservations a month ago and the person who took the reservation specifically checked and said the dining room would be open. He took my cell phone number, so why did no one call to tell me the dining room would not be open after all? Needless to say, we were angry. We lamed back to the hotel and stopped on the way at Roberto's. It was a pleasant evening with decent Italian food, so the evening turned out ok. Plus they had this amazing soap/exfoliant in the bathroom that they were selling so we took some home. I can't say I'd recommend Roberto's but it was good and pleasant in a pinch.

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                      wcg, what a BUMmer; so sorry. funny, i was thinking about you last night, when i read this thread below. I hope our beautiful weather down here- is what you're having up there.


                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                        Thanks, but not today. Foggy, drizzle and brrrrrr! And if that is their new Boston venture...oh my! Those guys didn't do too well on Top Chef Masters either!

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                        Completely off topic but we had a funny and peculiar and pathetic experience at Roberto's years ago. A couple of pinch faced women of a certain age were dining near us. They both ordered the same dish. They were so angry that the portions were large and they couldn't finish. Quite angry with the waiter who didn't tell them about portion size of pasta, they told her their leftovers were her tip. And they handed her their doggy bag and left. I admit to overtipping that night.

              2. I like to have a cocktail and pupu upstairs at Perkins, the old Hurricane, but dinner not so much.

                5'0 wasn't all that hot last season food wise, but ok for the bar food portion of the menu. perhaps the coming season will be better staffed and executed.

                We do enjoy bar dining at Joshua's, who worked at 5'0 years ago before opening his farm to table in Wells. Love the bar, love the haddock. The restaurant rooms on the other hand can be dismally somber.

                We always have one or two chili dogs a season at the Lobster shack in perkins cove.

                We never go to Jackies Too since the murder trial.

                Clay farm? really? I might sub that out for breakfast at Merriland Farm in Wells.

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                  I do have to say, "cocktail and pupu" sounds distinctly unappealing in a food conversation.

                  1. re: opinionatedchef

                    how is it possible that someone so opinionated not know the food word pupu

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                      you are so funny, bella! haven't you learned by now that our senses of humor live on diff planets !

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                    We went to Joshua's and while the food was ok, I hated the fact that every entree came with the same sides. And my husband has a dairy allergy and one of them was mashed potatoes. No substitution - unless you want to pay extra. Thinking Clay for dinner, not breakfast, and I know its weird!!! Have you heard anything about That Place in Ogunquit?

                    1. re: wincountrygirl

                      Like I said, we only eat at the bar area but I am very disappointed they didn't accommodate your husbands dairy issues.

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                      I used to love Hurricane and was sad that it closed. I took my wife to MC for her birthday and was underwhelmed. I'm a sucker for simple seafood up there also. It's not that I can't get good shellfish here in NYC but I've never thought it's quite the caliber of the stuff up there. It's hard to forgo a perfect basket of steamers or a lobster for a more complicated entree in a fancier environment. I can be convinced but we always end up getting take-out lobsters for $3-6 a pound at that amazing stand in Wells and eating them on the beach with an Allagash White and are just as happy.

                    3. wcg,i just rcvd this enewsletter and thought it might interest you. I found the Black Birch in nearby Kittery to have some neat sounding dishes. I wonder how it is. And Five Oh- it's good but not terrific? Photos show that 'same sides for every entree' syndrome, but the menu is enticing.....


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                        Thank you! That place does look interesting - I'll check it out. White Barn Inn is also there and that place, well....
                        We plan to drive up to Portland one day for lunch and I think Duck Fat... how can I resist? I agree about 5-0 - not great, but not bad. We used to love 98 Provence - which is how we got to Ocean.

                        1. re: wincountrygirl

                          wcg, i wasn't making a statement about Five Oh, i was asking a question, because i've never been there, but i liked the menu. maybe if you love Ocean and/or Earth, you could book them twice during your stay.....

                          I started out a big fan of Duck Fat but the more i ate there, the more i realized the fries were just a bunch of hype (only 25% duck fat in the frying oil)- a perfect example of tasting what you project rather than what they really taste like. And the duck confit sandwich is very tasty but too expensive for the skimpiness of the duck. But their Tomato Fennel soup is maybe my fav restnt soup ever( we always get it take away and bring home to boston.)

                          hoping to get a trip up there soon. i miss maine.

                          1. re: opinionatedchef

                            Actually, the item that looked best to me at Duck Fat was that soup!!! Sorry, I misunderstood about 5-0. The food is decent. And its a short walk to our hotel. I'd go to Ocean twice, but honestly, it's kind of pricey. Well, with my husband it becomes more expensive!!! I've never been to Earth, but I'll check out their menu.

                      2. did you see this thread?


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                          I actually did, thanks. Sad to tell you, I'm not a seafood fan, so Eventide would not work for me.

                        2. For an excellent breakfast, Huckleberry's easily ranks in the top five best blueberry pancakes I've ever had. Been their several times with excellent consistency. Have never gotten past the pancakes to try anything else on their menu.