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Mar 20, 2014 12:11 PM

Good place to drink and snack, Union Squarish?

I'm getting together with an old friend I haven't seen in years. Want to pick a good spot where we can drink and snack (at the bar maybe?) but not spend a ton of money. Lively without being too loud to talk. Probably around 6 or so. Not too far above or below 14th Street. Ideas?

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  1. ABC store-has couple of restaurants inside store. Gets a bit crowded however. Make reservations.

    1. The Coffee Shop on Union Sq. might work, it's less pricey than ABC. Cafe Mono on Irving Place is another possibility.

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        Bar jamon (casa mono's bar) is excellent yet very popular. Across the street on irving place is pierre lotti- which is always my plan b when bar jamon is packed. Pierre lotti is a winebar with a nice selection of by the glass.

      2. I like Sembrado for great tequila or mezcal drinks and tacos. Their happy hour is mellow and affordable. It is a little further east than Union Square, but it's on 13th St.

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          +1 on Sembrado...had a wonderful tacos there from 5 to 6pm on Friday night and it wasn't crowded at all yet...

        2. Thanks, everyone. I'll look into these and choose one.

          1. Old Town Bar on east 18th street