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Good place to drink and snack, Union Squarish?

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I'm getting together with an old friend I haven't seen in years. Want to pick a good spot where we can drink and snack (at the bar maybe?) but not spend a ton of money. Lively without being too loud to talk. Probably around 6 or so. Not too far above or below 14th Street. Ideas?

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  1. ABC store-has couple of restaurants inside store. Gets a bit crowded however. Make reservations.

    1. The Coffee Shop on Union Sq. might work, it's less pricey than ABC. Cafe Mono on Irving Place is another possibility.

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        Bar jamon (casa mono's bar) is excellent yet very popular. Across the street on irving place is pierre lotti- which is always my plan b when bar jamon is packed. Pierre lotti is a winebar with a nice selection of by the glass.

      2. I like Sembrado for great tequila or mezcal drinks and tacos. Their happy hour is mellow and affordable. It is a little further east than Union Square, but it's on 13th St.

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          +1 on Sembrado...had a wonderful tacos there from 5 to 6pm on Friday night and it wasn't crowded at all yet...

        2. Thanks, everyone. I'll look into these and choose one.

          1. Old Town Bar on east 18th street

            1. Realized it was better for my friend if we veered west, so we're going to Tertulia. Thanks, all!