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Mar 20, 2014 11:40 AM

Rome next week; please critique my list!

Arriving Friday morning and leaving wednesday morning. Staying near Piazza Barberini. Looking to hit several Roman places but also at least one seafood and one pizza meal. Any thoughts on additions/subtractions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Roscioli (dinner on first night--this is the only reservation I currently have)

Sforno or da Remo or some other night-time pizza

Cesare al casaletto

Sora Margherita or Piperno

Trattoria Monti

L'Asino d'oro

Localino da Claudio

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  1. All good choices, but here are a few comments:

    Sforno is a trip out to the suburbs, but well worth it. Da Remo is a more traditional Roman pizza place. There is always a line. I"m not convinced it's worth the wait, but others swear by it.

    Even though Sora Margherita and Piperno are both in the Ghetto, they couldn't be more different. Sora Margherita is a hole in the wall, and has a limited menu. I prefer it for lunch. Piperno is much more formal, and better for dinner.

    1. I am a da Remo fan, but we tend to go on the early side and not on a weekend to avoid the crowds.

      Another very Roman, very old school, not Sforno-like, place I like a lot is Pizzeria ai Marmi.
      viale Trastevere 53
      Closed Wednesdays

      1. i didnt like piperno at all. food was very unspectacular and i think it was dramatically overpriced