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Mar 20, 2014 11:15 AM

Food Blogs - Madrid, Seville, Granada, Barcelona

Hi foodie friends,
My husband and I are headed to the four places in mid may and I am tasked with restaurant research. Do you know of any good food blogs for those areas that I can scour before my trip? I particular am looking for blogs that are updated frequently. Any other online resources besides this site are welcome!

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  1. Here's an updated map of self-guided tapas tours in Madrid:

    1. On Seville, Azahar's blog is my bible. I organized my whole stay in Seville based on the wealth of info there;

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      1. re: Parigi

        Thanks so much! I will definitely explore.

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          This site was very helpful, especially great that you could look up by neighborhood. Thanks so much!

      2. Seville: Azahar Seville is really all you need!

        Madrid: Spanish Sabores is my own work, but additionally I recommend Madrid Chow and Las Mesas de Vanessa. The Madrid Food Tour blog section also has lots of tips. If you can read/skim in Spanish, I'd recommend Eat and Love Madrid.

        Barcelona: Sobremesa in Spain has some very good finds

        Hope these help!

        1. Just to let you know, May 15 is a major holiday in Madrid (San Isidro). It's a fun time to visit (unless you hate street parties, crowds and protests), but that long weekend could be a bit different depending on where you are booking.

          Not a blog, but Verema can be a good source of info on restaurants and wine.

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            We arrive on May 16th, so will there be much holiday activity then?

            Thanks for the Verema note. I will check it out.

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              That weekend will be a "puente" for a lot of people (a four-day weekend), so many will go out of town and there will be a lot of street fiestas, concerts, etc. for those who stay, mainly around the Plaza Mayor, Las Vistillas, El Retiro, and the Pradera de San Isidro.

          2. Not a blog but an awesome experience is to go to an eatwith meal- a local cooking in their own home!