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Saggy celery

Got a problem and could use some advice. After 3 days in the crisper, my head of celery will go limp. How do I keep it crisp and fresh. Right now it looks like it needs that little blue pill, if you know what I mean.... Help.

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  1. Cut at the root and put in a water glass with ice cold water.

    It'll perk up in no time (well, give it 10-15 minutes).

    1. Are you saying that your celery is going bad just three days after you bought it? It should last longer than that - it was either old when you bought it, and/or the temperature in your fridge is too low.

      I guess in that situation I would just freeze what's left and save it for some stock.

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        It gets limp. That doesn't mean it's gone bad.

        As I wrote, put it in ice water and it'll be crisp again pronto.

      2. Loosely wrapping celery in aluminum foil makes it stay fresh a long time.

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          Agreed! I always wrap mine in foil, and I swear, it keeps for a month. It's amazing.

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            +1. I've found this works best of all, keeping celery crisp for two weeks, at least. Difference is, I wrap it tightly, right up to the leaves.

          2. My celery always stays fresh in the plastic bag it comes in, but the aluminum foil is a great idea. I'll use that for loose celery in the future.

            In my experience, limp-ish celery eats and cooks similar to firm, blue pill celery. Once cut up, I can't really tell in salads or sautes.
            I generally use the inside leaves and stems for stock and braises, and then, it can be very, very limp. It's still tasty as long as it hasn't turned brown.

            1. I keep it in the crisper in the original bag and it stays "erect" for at least 10 days.

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                  The "little blue pill" reference in the OP made me do it.

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                  You remind me of my recent post where I described my bacon preference as "flaccid".

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                    That post came into my mind, also.

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                      And do you pronounce it "flassid" or "flacksid"?

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                        You and grampart are sly and witty. Now behave boys!

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                        You're supposed to seek medical attention after 4 hours.

                      3. This thread will probably get 100 different answers. You will have to experiment and choose one that works for you.

                        I cut the TOPS off of my store-bought celery bunches. Make sure it is snug in it's plastic bag (all covered) and store in the "vegetable crisper" drawer of my fridge.

                        I use ~ one bunch per week. I have, at times, slipped a paper towel into the bag if I felt I was not using the celery quickly enough.

                        Limp celery (and all veggie trimmings) gets tossed into the bag I keep in my freezer expressly designated for stock-making.

                        1. I don't know how this works but cut off the root end of the celery, immerse in water and add a sliced up potato. Chill overnight and celery will be like fresh in the morning.

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                            Have you tried it without the potato?

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                              You don't need the potato. Sounds like not too many folks paid attention to elementary school science demonstrations: they'd put food coloring in water, add a stalk with freshly-trimmed bottom, and watch as the veins of the celery colored up.

                              I keep my celery in a tall container in the fridge, loosely-covered, changing the inch of (plain) water and shaving a sliver off the bottoms as necessary. It'll be good for over a month.

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                                I like the sound of that storage style. I am addicted to crispy fresh celery raw or cooked any number of methods.

                                1. re: MamasCooking

                                  You probably use it fast enough you don't have to do that if you like it that much.

                                  I think I use about one bunch every week and half and I'm only cooking for two.

                                  Celery might be one vegetable that could keep and not lose to many vitamins over longer storage.

                            2. This is the 3rd bag that has gone limp. It tastes ok and I still use it, but makes you say WTF? I will try these recommendations. Thanks everyone.

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                                My bottom drawer is colder then the rest of the fridge so i noticed it half freezes my vegetables. It made my celery sad and soggy. Maybe your drawer is too cold?

                              2. I'd probably wanna check out fridge temp?!? Celery & carrots are ALWAYS in my fridge... often for a LONG time ( EASILY a month or so) before it gets used up. Outer stalks of celery may start looking a little sad, but never goes limp? Carrots may start growing little roots, but no limpness.

                                1. Your refrigerator may be too cold. Change the temp setting.

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                                    You're on to something! Things like celery and lettuce in TOO cold temps have cells pop... ya end up with mush??

                                  2. I have had bad experiences with celery this winter, goes flabby quickly.

                                    I wonder if it is bad growing conditions? Lately it has been fine.

                                    If I have celery that is going soft before I can use it all up, I dice it and freeze it in a ziplock. Works great for cooked dishes.

                                    1. Just to make sure you are leaving them in the bag when they go in your crisper. The only time I've seem celery go limp is when the end is sticking out the end of the bag it comes in. I put a extra bag around the end if its pokes out.

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                                        I do wonder why I always seem to wind up with celery that is way longer than the bag. I guess celery was the outlier when the powers-that-be decided how long produce bags should be.
                                        Count me in on the wrap-in-foil camp. My celery stays good for over a month, even the cut up ends and pieces I save up for stock.

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                                          I'm starting to think I might use to much celery!..you guys keep over a month! Seriously I have gone threw 5 bunches a month easy. I guess I like celery more then I thought.

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                                            :) I wonder about my celery use sometimes, too! We buy it from a discount grocer ("Super King") and we come home with 4 or 5 bunches at a time. It takes up more than half of my bottom crisper drawer. I think of it as the celery drawer. It's where I also put my giant hand of ginger that never seems to go bad (I use about an inch at a time, and that also lasts about a month).

                                      2. FWIW: The other day I started a thread on this board about making slaws as a way to use up vegetables that are past their prime,something that's prone to happen with things like celery or cucumber when you're cooking for one (or maybe 2). http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/969333
                                        I meant it as a concept, not a recipe discussion but it swiftly became the latter, so the Mods bumped it over to Home Cooking.

                                        With me, the last of the celery, including remaining leaves, often goes into a shredded slaw, which re-crisps it and maintains it even longer.

                                        1. I leave it in the plastic bag it came in for a few weeks - it keeps the moisture in to keep the celery crisp... once it starts to go yellow or soft on the outside stalks, I pull it out and discard the bad bits, then put the rest loose in the crisper. Trim the end of the bunch if it's starting to look sad.