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Mar 20, 2014 11:02 AM

Cant find Pepperoni sticks anywhere (Livermore Area)

I moved to Livermore from Canada. I cant find Pepperoni sticks anywhere. you could get them at all grocery stores in Canada. I know some convenience stores have them but im looking for a pack of 10 or more.

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  1. Smart and Final sells them by the jar (couple of dozen), Tillamook brand.

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    1. re: ML8000

      I never heard of it, thanks. Did you notice the price?

        1. re: ML8000

          Costco dosent have them. Do you remember paying over $20? I just called and she said they were 20 something. I found those online for $12

          1. re: 10pmStalker

            I think they were .75¢ ea x 20. I didn't buy them, just looked.

            BTW, Costco says they have them, another brand:

      1. re: ML8000

        Smart and Final in Oakland has Old Wisconsin brand, $12.99 for 1 1/2 lbs.

        Just across the street Taylor's has them, $1 each.

      2. you can drive to lockeford, about an hour or a little less from livermore, and get homemade teriyaki and landjager sticks at the lockeford meat and sausage services. really really good stuff.

        in trailer park boys ricky is always going on about pepperoni and now i see that there is a reality to it!

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        1. re: essvee

          Thanks, I will check it out if im ever down that way. Im a huge fan of Trailer Park Boys. Two new seasons are going to air on Netflix later this year.

        2. Are Slim Jims not the same thing under a different name?

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Kinda similar but slim jims arent as good.

          2. I used to buy these for backpacking/extended mountain expeditions. I believe I would get them in large quantity at Country Cheese Store ... which normally I wouldnt recommend for someone asking from Livermore, but you seem unusually motivated.

            I'm not sure if they still keep this ... I think they tried to go a little more upscale and changed some of their stock.

            I recall something like this being a next-to-the-cashier impulse buy item somewhere ... maybe Pasta Shop on 4th St in Berkeley? Lucca on Valencia has landjager ... dont recall if they have these sticks. There isnt a cheese+meat shop to try in your area?

            Genoa Deli is another Oak/Berk candidate.

            1. What is your favorite brand?