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Mar 20, 2014 09:43 AM

Dean Sin World Dumpling Sauce

Hi Y'all,

I am in Texas, and have heard a lot of interesting buzz about the dumpling sauce at Dean Sin's World Dumpling. I also heard that you can ship the dumplings and sauce frozen, but when I tried to call the shop, there was a definite language barrier!

Can anyone provide insight into how to order to ship to Texas? Also, if you have had the dumplings and the sauce, your input on the flavors, texture, and overall impression of the sauce would be great!!

Thanks for the help! <3

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  1. no. cuz they don't.

    IIRC, the dumpling "sauce" is just ... Chinkiang vinegar and ginger. the soy sauce is served tableside.

    Houston has tons of xiao long bao and Chinese dumplings.

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      this is like asking to ship a hard boiled egg

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        @TonyC: Thanks, that is what I thought but since I am not local to LA, I cannot speak to it, and only go off what is requested for my project. I figured it was a basic black vinegar dipping sauce, so I appreciate the response - you are saving me time when it comes to my research project.