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U of A in Tucson for 1.5 days

My daughter and I are touring U of A in Tucson for 1.5 days at the beginning of April. We will be staying at the Aloft right across from campus. She's been accepted to a doctoral program and she's 25 so while we're looking to get a feeling for places that students would go, we're thinking mature students! We're both huge food lovers so even a 1.5 day trip requires some food research!

We get in late Thurs. night, so I thought Boca on Speedway would be great for a late night dinner. We're not sure of the schedule with the university on Friday yet, but let's assume we have time for a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast and lunch should probably be near campus. Dinner doesn't have to be. We would like to eat food that one would not find in South Florida or in any other metropolitan area, so probably not French, Italian, sushi, etc. I looked at Maynard's and the menu wasn't that appealing to me, but the location and the setting are very appealing. Is there something similar or somewhere nearby so we could have drinks at Maynard first?

We don't have to go anywhere fancy - good food and good (youngish) ambiance are what's important. Also, it will be my daughter's 26th birthday that day! I know she'd like to experience a little of what it would be like if she was living in Tucson for the next 4 years. Lastly, we eat anything - no dislikes, no restrictions. Thank you so much in advance.

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  1. Although some others do not , we love Poca Cosa

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      For breakfast, lunch or dinner? Or all??

    2. Feast is near campus and is excellent. They don't do breakfast, but lunch and dinner have the same menu, which changes every month. It's probably above the budget of most grad students, but it would be a good choice for a birthday celebration. Be sure to make reservations, or the wait will likely be long.

      1. Cafe Poca Cosa for dinner (you should both order the "Plato" to get a sampling of 6 different moles.
        Reilly's and Proper are both near Maynard's, and are very good. Hub is very happening, but the food's a bit heavy (go there for after-dinner homemade ice creams, though). Have fun!

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          I like the menus at Reilly's and Proper. There's no menu posted for Café Poca Cosa. Thanks for the help!

        2. Time Market near the campus has excellent pizza and wine in a nice casual setting. We had a terrible experience at Cafe Poca Cosa. El Charro is always fun and tasty.

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              We looked at Penca and the menu looked good, but I couldn't find a lot of feedback on the board. I think the front runner right now is Proper but we'll take another look. Thank you.

            2. Poco & Moms for breakfast
              El Guero Canelo for lunch
              Cafe Poca Cosa for dinner

              I also love the little Poca Cosa

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                I see there's more than one location for El Guero Canelo. Does it matter? Would you recommend this our first night instead of Boca? We will be late - probably around 10 p.m.

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                  Thanks everyone. We are back from our short trip and wanted to report back. The first night we went to Boca at around 9:45. The place was very quiet. We were shocked at how dirty the restaurant was. It was seriously filthy. We had a fried shrimp, grilled shrimp, the meat-stuffed poblano and chicken verde tacos, and one of the mashed potato balls. All were very uninspiring and frankly we were just kind of grossed out the whole time we were there. Friday morning, no time for breakfast and U of A treated us to lunch. Friday night we had a drink in the outside courtyard at Maynard's. They had a trio playing outside and the cocktails and ambiance were both extremely pleasant. We then walked over to Reilly Craft Pizza and had a really good dinner. The sausage and pepper pizza was really delicious, with a nice char on the crust. Brussel sprouts app was very tasty. The comp'd us a delicious butterscotch pudding for my daughter's birthday. Just the perfect amount of sweet and salty. Saturday morning before heading to the airport we stopped at Poco & Mom's for breakfast. Wow! I'm still craving it. We had the Silver City - hash browns topped with cheese, eggs over easy and the hatch green chili sauce with refried beans. It was so delicious and the staff was incredibly friendly. We really loved the place. Thanks to all who helped us. Wish we could have stayed longer!