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Good Kosher food st a Jewsih night at a Philadelphia area sporting event

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It actually happened last night- decent Kosher food at the Sixers gane. Ok I will say when they had Max and Davids do the food it was yummy- quite yummy, but it seems like Federation who usually spronsors these events LOVES Betty's "food" Why this is the csse- I will never know. The food was always sub par and even old snd recycled from past evets like the Phillies gane where they tried to sell old donuts that had Channukah stickers on the psackages. Uh the Phillies dont play in Philsdelphia anywherr near that holiday:( Last night- while the game was sub par- the kosher food was NOT! It was quite good for a change:) Someone got smart snd hired Citraon snd Rose to do the Kosher food consesion and while it was pricey, even for game food, it was worht it and really good:) My husbsand picked up our food, so I am not sure of prices, but we enjoyed- very much a yummy, roast beef sandwhich on a good roll asnd fab pulled chicken sandwhich on a similar roll, a crunchy, delish pickle and outstsnding potato asnd brocolli kinishes. They were amazing. A nice flsaky crust and an amazing fillimg. They tasted so fresh and soo good- it almost made up for the poor prefrmance of the team! Way to go Citron and Rose!

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  1. Thanks for the info. What's pukked chicken?

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      Pukked cjhicken is my misspelling of PULLED chicken- man it was good;) I am almost sdorry I was craving beef- I would have enjoyed that almost more!

    2. Hey - You might want to run a quick spell check before posting.