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I like Ice!

If cost or convenience were not factors, would you prefer ice cube tray ice, home ice machine ice, or bagged ice?

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  1. I'm not big on ice, but I prefer to have a ice machine in the fridge to the other options.

    (except when having tons of people, then I wil get bags of ice).

    1. I LOVE ICE!! You cannot give me a beverage that is too cold!! As ridiculous as this I do have a favorite ice cube style. It comes from commercial ice machines....they are square smaller cubes, that have a inverted dimple on one side, making it kind of hollow in the middle.

      I like my ice to fill a glass and these cubes seem to last just as long at the beverage does. Large cubes from ice tray's or home refrigerators cubes are too large. Crushed ice is just a tease for me.

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        I have been married for 29 years to a woman who still is amused by the fact that, upon our checking into hotel or motel, the first thing -- FIRST THING -- I do is grab the bucket and go get some ice. Her family never did this (her family never did a lot of culinarily normal things, but that's for another thread.)

        My son, when travelling with some school friends, taught them that this is what you do as well.

        My wife is of the opinion that what I like is not beverages, but Ice.

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          A kindred spirit! No matter how many nights I'm there, the ice bucket is full for every one of them. The closer my room is to the machine, the better.

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            I too am a fill the ice bucket first thing when staying at a hotel. In fact, I make sure I know where that machine is before I even locate my room. (My mom has plenty of funny stories about my dad wandering hotels and B&Bs throughout Europe in search of ice.)

            I rely primarily on my ice maker, but also keep a few trays in the freezer (heaven forbid I run out of ice). The only thing I use bagged ice for is when using coolers for parties/picnics; funny, I never considered using it in beverages.

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              I, too, fill the ice bucket first when staying at a hotel. I love ice so I have not just freezer-tray ice, but a bag of clear ice. I love ice in most of my cold drinks so I always have it in the freezer.

              I'd love to have a real ice maker. My favorite little pizza joint doesn't have ice so I've promised them that if I ever won the lottery, I'd buy them an ice machine. Not kidding, by the way.

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                amen on hotel ice bucket being filled as first task! even as a kid, that was my favorite thing about staying in hotels! love having that icy water on the nightstand, so clear and clean-tasting.

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                  Finding the ice machine and loading up the ice bucket is the first thing I do when I arrive at a hotel as well. And my husband of over 32 years still thinks I'm odd. At least he realizes that I'm not likely to change. :-)

                2. re: jrvedivici

                  Yes!!! Those little cubes are wonderful!

                3. It depends on the beverage. For whisky on the rocks I like these:


                  For most cocktails and refreshing beverages I prefer a home ice machine over bags. The exception being when I am at my mom's house. For some reason the ice that comes out of her freezer just doesn't seem right.

                  1. A safe topic now that Spring is here! Two weeks ago...not so much.

                    I must have ice in my drinks, as much as I can get. I used to have an ice maker in my last refrigerator, as I have no filtration/softening on my town's water supply. So when I got my new fridge, I did not get an ice maker.

                    But if as you say, cost/convenience were put aside, give me an ice machine, with the proper filtration/softener attached to the water line.

                    I like the idea of crushed ice, but find that at homes that have the door dispenser, crushed ice tends to spray all over the place when dispensed.

                    1. It does not matter as long as there is ice. I'll take it how ever it is srved.

                      1. None of the above.
                        1) those funny little pellet shaped ice cubes that are sometimes found at fountain soda machines (they melt fast and are ideal for water)
                        2) the commercial cube with a dimple ones
                        3) the 1/4" cubes from my special ice cube tray (perfect for smoothies and such in the blender)
                        4) the huge cubes, approx 2"x2" from my ice cube tray (perfect for iced coffee and cocktails and melts slower)

                        My regular ice cube trays are used for purees and pesto more than actual ice.

                        I hate (!) crushed ice, and ice chips remind me of a hospital.

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                          Thanks, love to learn about new kinds of ice.

                        2. I used to make my own but I lost the recipe.

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                            1. re: sparrowgrass

                              Thanks, but do you have an organic, free range, gluten-free version? :)

                          1. When I was a kid, the "rule" was fill the glass to the TOP with ice cubes. Back then, "freezer" was a small compartment that held a few ice trays and little else. Another "rule" was you NEVER took out a few cubes and returnd tray to freezer. Unused went into some kinda container and was somehow fit into the tiny space. Putting an EMPTY tray back in freezer without refilling was grounds for a SERIOUS talkin to from Dad... his house; his rules!!

                            When I final bought a fridge of my own, had TWO absolute requirements... freezer on bottom and ICE MAKER.

                            In a perfect world, would go for that super clear, bagged ice... seems to last longer!?!

                            I carry around one of those insulated, double-walled cups all day long at school. I have a "method" to fit an entire tray of half-moon cubes into it first thing in morning... then as much water as it will take. By lunch time, still significant amount of ice left, but I fill it back up to make sure I have COLD water to sip till school day is over. Almost gags me to see people with just water... NO ICE... in one of those containers??

                            1. Bagged ice. Always so nice and clear.

                              1. Remember when Basic Instinct came out and people were all about chopping their own ice with picks?

                                  1. re: ipsedixit

                                    Thanks, Ipse! Many good points: I, too, dislike crescents. Which is what Mom and Dad's in-freezer machine produced. Another issue: How important is clear vs. cloudy? To me, very. Which is a big point in favor of bags Are there home ice machines that produce clear cubes? Is there an ice cube tray recipe that produces clear cubes?

                                    1. re: mwhitmore

                                      yes, my nephew has a home machine that produces clear smallish cubes. he invested in it because he fishes as a hobby, and needs lots of ice for his catch.

                                      1. re: mwhitmore

                                        Filtered or distilled water. Boil. Cool. Boil. Cool. Pour into ice tray, wrap in plastic wrap. Freeze. Clear ice.

                                    2. The Cadillac of ice is from Sonic.
                                      (or as I call it, rabbit pellet ice)
                                      Next to that is the crushed ice out of the refrigerator door.
                                      I will however bite and chew all ice happily.

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                                      1. re: Firegoat

                                        While I'm not looking to argue with you about your favorite ice, I do want to ask you about chewing "all" ice happily. Large cubes, like the whole cubes from my refrigerator are way too large for practical chewing purposes. PLUS have you ever had a large cube you were trying to chew or crack, slide out from between your teeth, hit the back of your throat like a javelin, then just slide down your throat whole? Uggghhhh I hate that.

                                        1. re: jrvedivici

                                          Well the big chunks need to be floating around in the drink for a while getting melty and softening up a bit... and yes, I've had the Ice down the throat.... very very very bad. No hemlock, tho.

                                        2. re: Firegoat

                                          You are so right...I love Sonic ice. It is the perfect size and texture.

                                        3. Home ice machine, plumbed through a filter, into the fridge. I just wish that it made square/cubic shaped ice. For parties, I make a bunch ahead, and store in bags.

                                          1. I would *love* a home ice machine, particularly one that could make multiple types of ice.

                                            That slightly dimpled ice for cold drinks, and that slightly soft, chewable ice you get sometimes in soft drinks or ice water for eating straight.

                                            Count me in as an ice fiend. My favourite summer drink is passion fruit green tea, with fresh pulp, half sugar (ie, slightly sour), made with tons of ice. From my favourite shop, which is unfortunately closed now, the ice would have melted to the perfect dilution by the time I got to my office, with the bonus of ice cold condensate to cool my face and the back of my neck on the way.

                                            Very large cubes for scotch on the rocks, so it doesn't dilute too fast. Shaved ice with fresh mango and condensed milk.

                                            I was travelling in Germany this summer. 38 C in the day, and drinks without ice...

                                            1. I liked the old metal ice cube trays with the breaker bar. Nice frosty condensation on the outside. Ice didn't taste any better, tho.

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                                              1. re: Firegoat

                                                Wonder why these disappeared. Or did they?

                                                1. re: mwhitmore

                                                  I saw a couple at the d.a.v. thrift store the other day for 39 cents each. My shopping companion snatched them up.

                                                  1. re: Firegoat

                                                    I have a couple of the typical ones, but also a double-wide, with a removable slat dividing the aluminum tray in half lengthwise. I don't think it came with the fridge of my childhood, but can't remember when we didn't have these trays. It has been the envy of many a guest. I'll bet the regular ones, if not the doubles, are often available on eBay.

                                              2. I'm an ice lover. I make it with the freezer ice maker and always have a bag or two. I can never have enough. But I live in Phoenix. We're dry and hot, so I suppose my icey luv is normal.

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                                                1. re: alliegator

                                                  I have my first refrigerator door ice as an adult. I can't get enough of the crushed ice feature even tho it sounds like ... well i don't know what it sounds like exactly... what I would imagine it sounds like if you're in a dental chair and the dentist is drunk and decides, screw it, and decides to crunch all your molars into bits with a pair of pliers. Like that.

                                                  1. re: Firegoat

                                                    Nice imagery! Your experience at least has a happy ending.

                                                    1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                                      Wouldn't everyone???? It is the gold standard of ice!

                                                      1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                                                        in a route 44 strawberry lemon slushie!

                                                      2. Another who runs to the ice machine in hotels first thing (which my fire-phobic dad coached me into combining with scoping out exits in case of emergency). We have an ice maker but it makes those infernal solid-white crescents. In a perfect world I'd have 1" to 2" cubes (there are commercial machines which do this). Bagged ice is also fine with me.

                                                        1. I like the bags you can fill up and they make round ice cubes. Hard to find tho. Keep them tasting fresher.

                                                          We also get a bucket of ice right away lol.

                                                          I saw a home ice maker today in a consignment store for 48 bucks thought it was a bit steep Ill keep my eye on it. I hate the flavour of ice more then 2 days old in the freezer.

                                                          1. If cost and convenience were not a factor, I would have Sonic ice for my own consumption. I would have cubed ice for serving drinks that I didn't want to have diluted.

                                                            At home, I have an ice maker--not the industrial kind but the counter-top type. It freezes at 32 degrees so the ice doesn't get super solid, and it melts much more quickly than ice straight out of the freezer. That suits me quite well as it is soft enough that I can crunch on it or whatever without worrying about breaking a tooth. When I need a lot of it for a party, I bag up batches of ice and put it in the freezer.

                                                            My frig is only a few years old and in every other way is wonderful, but the ice dispenser has never worked properly. The water dispenser works fine, so it is something with the ice mechanism. We have had people out to repair numerous times and it always breaks down soon after so rather than continue to fight with it, we got the counter top ice maker.

                                                            1. Had an ice maker in the freezer at our prior home, loved it until the water line leaked and damaged the wood floors. I miss the ease, but Never again. I use silicone ice cube trays, and I have a special bag of "gluten free" ice (cause I never put my gluten filled hands in it) for when my SIL with celiacs is over.

                                                              1. It depends on the use!

                                                                I have an ice machine that I use for personal use on an everyday basis. It does the job and its handy.

                                                                For when I want to mix drink for invited guest I usually buy bags of ice because the ice machine won't be able to provide enough volume.

                                                                Keep in mind that most ice machines will quick freeze the ice, producing an ice cube with more air in it (the opaque white ice cubes). It will melt faster.

                                                                For "better" ice, the ice bags usually provide clear ice cubes that will be more durable (either to shake or in your glass).