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Mar 20, 2014 07:41 AM

Foodie Gift for hosts in Caribbean

I will be staying with friends in the Caribbean and would like to bring a high end foodie gift. I am thinking something local (I'm in Southern CT), or high end chocolate, or booze from duty free. But feel like these gifts are a bit uninspired, any suggestions?

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  1. First, confirm what local regulations are about bringing different products into the country. If I had to guess they probably don't have the breadth of selection of "gourmet" meats and cheeses so perhaps a selection of either (both)?

    1. Having lived in the Caribbean for over four years, I highly recommend your idea of something from your local area, though some things there are amazing, you do miss little things from the States! Don't bother with liquor, it is abundant and extremely inexpensive. You should plan on bringing as much as you can back with you!!

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          Depending on where in the Caribbean and what the laws are regarding what you can bring in — and of course, what your hosts would enjoy — we've traveled to island destinations with a small cooler packed with good beef -- steaks, ground beef. It can be pretty expensive and not always great in many island destinations.

        2. Ask them what they would like but can't get. Over years of visits, my ladyfriend in the MX Caribbean wanted as many tubes of fried onions as I could carry, for her green bean casserole. I was always welcomed warmly, probably as much for the onions as for me.
          Not high end, but your friends may be craving low-end items more.