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Mar 20, 2014 07:41 AM

50th Birthday for out-of-town friend (couples coming) Steakhouse maybe?

Best friend is coming in from Atlanta in April for his 50th. There will be 10 of us and it's my task to find dinner.

Thinking steak, although some in the crowd will choose fish or lamb.

Don't want Sparks. Maybe CraftSteak or Strip House? Other suggestions? Thanks!

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    1. Keens is a New York institution. Not only incredible steaks but they are famous (deservedly so) for their mutton (although not mutton by definition) chops.

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      1. re: Spiritchaser

        I've done a group that size at Keens. We got a nice big round table, which was nice.

      2. There is no CraftSteak in NYC anymore. There's Craft, which makes a dynamite steak.

        If they're coming from a major metropolitan area, chances are the have a good steakhouse where they come from. So I'd lean towards a place with more varied options - Craft is a good call, though some people are put off by the minimalism of the menu. (That said, what's more minimalist than a steakhouse menu?)

        Other options: American Cut, which has a fairly extensive non-steak menu. Minetta Tavern has a magnificent Cote de Beouf, though getting a ten-top in there might be tough. Maybe if it's a weeknight. Balthazar, their sister restaurant, has great steaks on the menu as well.

        Keen's, of course, is famous for their mutton (lamb) chop, but I don't know if the fish there is worth bothering with. But they're very classic NYC.

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          Didn't realize Craft Steak was no longer - I must be thinking of Colicchio and Sons. Thanks!

        2. For non-traditional steakhouses, you might consider Costata or Carbone. At Costata, I highly recommend the tomahawk ribeye (which serves 2), and Carbone get the porterhouse (again also serves 2)

          Have heard good reports on American Cut, but never been yet.