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Mar 20, 2014 06:55 AM

Hot Cross Buns (Lyndell’s are in season)

Late March, Lyndell’s (at least, Somerville) has their excellent seasonal hot cross buns. The buns are a somewhat enriched (by which I mean, I’m guessing, eggs but not butter) yellow yeast dough studded with plain raisins, yellow raisins, and those marachino-esque colorful preserved fruit bits. Topped with a cross of royal icing over a hairline brown crust. Excellent with black tea.

They said they’d have them “through Easter at least,” which I interpreted to mean “I don’t have a hard date and the baker’s not here at the moment to ask.”

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  1. Jenny Ondioline and I have also enjoyed a couple of rounds of hot cross buns from Antoine's in Nonantum over the past two weekends.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      I second Antoine's! I had to fight the kids for those buns.

      1. re: Crazy Egg

        I never really *got* hot cross buns until I had Antoine's. They're one of my favorite things about spring now.