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Mar 19, 2014 09:45 PM

LF: Set-menu, 5+ courses, $50-100+

I'm looking to celebrate a special occasion and wanted to go out for a nice lunch or dinner in the GVR. I'd be willing to spend ~$60 on two outings, or ~$100ish on a single meal. I want the meals to consist of at least 5 courses.

I'm not sure how to narrow down my choices because I enjoy eating food from all regions of the world. However I don't want any Indian restaurants because I've had more than my fair share. Value for money is always a bonus.

I appreciate all input!

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  1. Go to La Quercia and tell your waiter to let the chef design your meal. You will not be sorry.

    On a side note, if you are dining alone I do not recommend this option as dishes are served family style.

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      Upvote for La Quercia. It's a magical multi-course meal, and every dish you get is deceptively simple, wonderfully tasty, perfectly executed. I've been lucky enough to go there quite a few times now (took my mom there TWICE for her birthday, she requested it again because she loves it so much), and they have yet to disappoint.

      Do go to the original location on 4th though. La Pentolla is great but it's just not the same magic.

    2. Try the menu at Maenam for excellent Thai food.

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        I can't seem to find the edit function so just adding to my previous post, one of the best things about Maenam is they do their multi-course menu for lunchtime as well and they take reservations.

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          Edit function is only active for a few hours after you make the post. IDK how many hrs exactly, but it's a finite amount of time.

      2. I would check out Kitsilano Daily Kitchen. Chef Fowke puts on a 5 or 6 course culinary adventure with the days freshest ingredients. Great room, really wowed me and the MRS a few months ago.

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          KDK have changed their menu so as to now feature a seasonally changing menu of highlights rather than a daily menu for the a la carte. They do still offer their 6 course tasting menu but now on Thurs-Sat only and a bit higher priced (though no doubt good value knowing chef Fowke) and should be requested at time of reservation. Other changes include a happy hour with complementary nibbles (4-6 pm) and a stand up bar service (6 pm onward). I'm looking forward to dropping in on those!

          From their email:
          Six Course Culinary Adventure at Kitsilano Daily Kitchen
          (offered Thursday - Saturday, by reservation only)
          Simply - the Six Course Culinary Adventure is our signature at the restaurant.… $85 per person.
          Please respect, whole table to participate. no exceptions. Please visit for the definition of adventure.