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Maxi pad ads?

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Do we really need to see a stack of maxi pads at the bottom of food discussions?

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    1. Oh the horror. A picture of a stack of unused maxi pads and the mentioning of periods.

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      1. re: viperlush

        Would you be fine with ads for jock itch products below food threads? I will try AdBlock but CH advertisers may want to refine their automated image servers.

        1. re: Ernie

          Sure, why not? Do you also have problems seeing them in grocery stores where they sell these products? Sometimes even placing them in close proximity to food items?

          1. re: viperlush

            The grocery stores I go to keep feminine hygiene products pretty far away from food stuffs

            1. re: Ernie

              People have crotches. Sometimes they need stuff to deal with their crotches.

              If you don't want to look at it, download AdBlock.

              I have nothing other than that generated by Chow on my page.


              It's a wonderful thing....

              1. re: sunshine842

                My daughter always warns me about need to be careful what I download .. that's why I asked about this. So, it's safe to download this? Then, no ads?

              2. re: Ernie

                Oh my goodness. I doubt maxi pads are far from the food because they have cooties. My store keeps them in the cosmetic aisle with makeup and soaps and stuff because it makes sense not because it's traumatic for people to realize that women need feminine hygiene products. Sheesh.

        2. Ernie......c'mon man......looks like you been around a while, you should know adblock/adblock + is your friend.

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          1. re: jrvedivici

            I don't know about adblock; please tell me what to do to get it.

            1. re: walker

              You could google it, for starters. It'll take you to the website where you download it.

              Et voilá. No more ads.

              Party time.

          2. Would you rather send a check to CBS Interactive?

              1. The source of those links was changed earlier this week, and I imagine the new provider's system is still adjusting to Chowhound. That said, everything I'm seeing down there at the moment appears to be food-related content as opposed to professional wrestlers and feminine hygiene products. Are you still seeing off color recommendations, or are they now more on topic?

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                1. re: Engineering

                  Still there, screenshot of this page seconds ago

                  1. re: Engineering

                    At the moment, I'm seeing one link for a cauliflower dish, one for "true facts about irregular heartbeat," and the other two are to Us Weekly ("Kourtney Kardashian Goes Without Pants") and MadeMan ("Malia Jones Surfs Into Our Hearts" with a Sports Illustrated-style swimsuit photo), so definitely not all food-related content, if not maxi-pad ads.

                    1. re: Engineering

                      I don't think that the "Obamacare horror story" link that I just got is on topic.

                      1. re: Engineering

                        You consider an ad for maxi-pads off color????? God in heaven :(

                      2. Ad. Block.

                        Does what it says it does.

                        1. Well, the maxi pad ad is still there although I never would have known until you brought it to my attention. And now we have "the 50 biggest headcases in wrestling history" showcasing a really weird looking guy. Hey, thanks for laugh.

                          Edit: there is now a Live Flesh Alert - 7 foods that are eaten alive. It shows what appear to be the inside tentacles of an octopus up against a set of human teeth.

                          1. What wrong with Maxi Pads? Isn't this the new I pad with the larger screen?