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Mar 19, 2014 08:11 PM

help pick one fab dinner

mix, sage or Joel robuchon?
can only choose one.
thanks in advance...

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  1. For one chance to make it fabulous, go with Joel (not Atelier). An alternative on the same level to Joel Robuchon would be Guy Savoy's place at Caesars.

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    1. Joel Robuchon. But be aware it is magnitudes more expensive than the other choices.
      Of the other two, sage is the clear winner. Mix is great fun for a drink but the food was disappointing.

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        I had a pretty disappointing meal at Sage and it seems many people on this board have experienced the same. It was a complete miss for me. If you need a sure-fire winner, I would avoid Sage.

        Although, in Sage's defense, many people rave about it as well. I don't know if the kitchen just has VERY off nights or if people go in expecting different things, but it's probably one of the few popular restaurants on this board to get mixed reviews. And by mixed, I mean they're usually on opposite extremes.

        See this thread:

        I would say go with Joel Robuchon if the cost is within your budget. If not, try for Le Cirque, L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, or e by Jose Andres.

        1. re: ah6tyfour

          I agree. My dinner at Sage was mediocre. There are so many better options in Vegas.

          1. re: marcdhauser

            Third, we also had a mediocre meal at Sage and won't be back...

      2. If you are going to spend JR money, I would opt for Guy Savoy. Been to both in the last year and Savoy was better. Sage would be my choice if not GS.

        1. This is a no brainer - Joel Robuchon is a world class restaurant - the other two are good.

          While I personally feel that Twist is the best restaurant in Las Vegas today, by a good distance, if you can afford the expense Robuchon is sublime.

          1. thanks to all of you for your responses. we ended up at sage. we had been to jr before, have been to a couple different alain duucasse restaurants. but still, planned to splurge at joel robuchon again. however, in trying to confirm our reservation, I got transferred and disconnected FIVE times. took it as a sign and cancelled online. sage had moments of greatness including my app, wagyu beef tartare and the asparagus salad with poached egg. everything else was fine, just not amazing. thanks again for your help and maybe jr will see this and adjust their phone system. or not....

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              That is highly disappointing (both your meal at Sage and especially the problems at JR). Maybe you should drop them a note or email about the problem -- I'm sure the powers that be would want to know about your experience.