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Best meals(s) to christen grill with?

I have a new (cheapo) grill with 65k btu and 650 square inches.

Since I love 'first rituals' recommend a good one person meal (leftovers okay) and big party ideas.

No food restrictions but I live in a very remote area and gourmet ingredients are hard to come by.

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  1. Nothing complicated. These would be my choices:

    Steak served with twice baked potatoes.
    Beer can chicken (provided that your grill has enough headroom to support an upright chicken).
    Tuscan Grilled Chicken.

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      Steak is a high priority for my first meal on the grill. It has a 15k sear burner which I'd like to test out. I may opt for asparagus or just whole mushroom or something grill friendly rather than twice baked potatoes. Have you cook twice baked potatoes on the grill with success? I feel like the inside would take longer to cook unless you gave it a head start in the microwave.

    2. I think way back, ours was burgers, with steak the next day.

      Then we got boring and started with chicken.

      There is something about a good burger on the grill, with the bun toasted on the side. Some grilled Pineapple would be a great finish. I take a fresh pineapple, slice it into long wedges, and toss on until grill marks appear. Yum! Sometimes I finish with a hint of sea salt

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        Grilled pineapple or mango with a touch of ground (smoky) pepper is delish!

      2. a nice juicy burger would be a nice first to season the grill. i would go with a steak as well but what a way to ring in the spring with a nice burger.

        1. Steak steak n more steak!

          1. Trini-Chinese chicken. 4 ingredients for the marinade (soy sauce, lime juice, ground fresh ginger, five spice powder), 3 for the dipping sauce: lime juice, oyster sauce, scotch bonnet sauce.

            Heaven in yo mouf.

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              I love it when my Trini wife makes Chinese chicken.


            2. I helped a friend and his wife christen his new grill last spring.

              Started will some small halved grilled endive with a baslamic vinagarette (TJ's basalmic, olive oil and salt) topped with toasted pecans and a few orange supremes on the side.
              EDIT- if you want easier, I just cut an onion in half and toss on the grill until charred. Then toss in a std salad with dressing of choice.
              And BTW- check your local flea markets this summer for used small cast iron skillets. I picked one up meag cehap just for the grill where as the grill warms up, the skillet goes on and the nuts go in and toast as thing get hot.
              Cheap and easy.

              Main was grilled hangar steaks medium rare, sprinked with Montreal steak seasoning (or your seasoning of choice) before grilling and grilled fresh asparagus (since it's always so freakin' cheap right now) with a spritz of salt and lemon.
              New crop FLA sweet corn is also available these days so that in husk or even out of it grilled is an option.Corn on the cob via grill. I do it all the time.

              Dessert , since so early in the season for fruit, was grilled kiwi halves (flesh side down) until a light char, then scooped out of the furry half and served along side store bought vanilla ice cream. Chocolate sauce as a side option.

              I usally do grilled peach halves in the summer the same way, but way too early here.

              I wanted to do all three courses as a grill item and it worked fabulously. But then again, I never stated I was normal.

              But all in all it was a very fuss free meal for 4 of us.

              1. for a First grilling to celebrate solo I would want a big fat juicy steak and a good bottle of red

                I would make steak sandwich with the leftovers

                If I needed a veg it would be a baked potato in foil

                For a big party the key is to keep things staggered so food is always coming out - some sausages or franks early on - then some burgers or steaks mid way and some slow cooking chicken for the late crowd

                grilled veggies early on and plated so they are out of the way - thick lengthwise slices of zuchinni slathered in HDP and EVOO hold up well

                oh boy I am getting excited for the return of grilling season - it has been too miserable for me to even want to winter grill this year.

                1. Go to your local produce market or farmers market and see what looks good! Grilled asparagus is wonderful, portabellos or even button mushrooms (skewar those to prevent from falling thru and such), boil new potatoes until just shy of done and then finish on the grill, spring onions are great (even better with romesco on top), wedges of fennel and radicchio are delicious- cut thru the core to help hold the wedges together

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                    Like I said I live in a remote area. The local farmers market is 230 miles away. Good thoughts though.

                  2. Fajitas!! You can use flank steak or chicken (or shrimp if you can get some). Then, grill your peppers and onions while the meat rests.

                      1. A nice big spatchcocked chicken!

                        1. We Christened our grill with hot dogs, burgers, grilled veggies, including asparagus and corn on the cob. Had coleslaw and potato salads...

                          1. Steak (for me it would be a nice fat ribeye).

                            New potatoes, boiled until almost done, tossed with olive oil, salt&pepper, and then into a grill basket. Toss 'em around a few times while the steak rests.

                            1. I decided to do a couple rib eyes over the weekend. Also picked up a whole chicken, some mini peppers, and 1.5 pounds of round for burger meat (with blue cheese). Thanks for the suggestions and the overwhelming enabling of steak steak steak.

                              This is purely for me and a couple friends who may stop by after the bar/college basketball. I still need to come up with a variety of offerings for a big party/feast.