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Group Dinner - On Strip

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Looking for recommendations for a group dinner, about 12 ppl. Preferably on the strip. Something with good food, not too pricey, and not an overly loud restaurant. Possible to find something good for $75-$100/person?

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  1. Consider Buddy Vs - I know it is a 'trendy' choice, but they can accommodate at your price point and the food was actually quite good, with excellent service - big portions and easy to share. Michael Mina's American Fish would also fit the bill for something more swanky. If you're looking for a private room, that might be a bit tricky.

    1. Someone once posted that they had good luck with Smith and Wellonsky for a group dinner.

      1. Rao's at Caesars is good for a crowd. Family-style serving. I've done a few group dinners there. Food is crowd-pleasing, wine list is okay but well-priced for groups.

        1. Mon Ami Gabi has a side room that might work well.
          Andiamo's at the D (downtown, not the strip), nice steakhouse at a good price.
          Verandah at the Four Seasons.

          1. I second Mon Ami Gabi. We held my daughter's wedding reception there, party of 25, and they really took care of us.

            We also had a group dinner at El Segundo Sol, in a private room.

            1. Across from the Hard Rock on Paradise is Ferraro's. Great Italian food, great winelist, great service...and several different rooms that can accommodate private partys....

              Also, Prime steakhouse in the Bellagio has a separate area for a group...nice and quiet (a dining atmosphere)....depending on alcohol, you can easily keep it to under $100 pp.