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Mar 19, 2014 06:48 PM

New Turkish restaurant~Marlboro

Does anyone have info on this? It's on Rt. 79, across the street from Osteria Rustica. I was at the light, and quickly glanced over and saw a sign that said Grand Opening. The names escapes me, but I did see Turkish cuisine. I tried googling, but no luck.

Anyone else know or have tried? Thanks!!

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  1. Pure speculation on my part but hopefully some sort affiliation with the former Marmarma. Too bad that place closed. Seems like an odd location though.

    1. I'm sorry I don't have anything constructive to add to this but your post brought up an interesting question. Why is it "Turkish" cuisine? Why isn't it Turk cuisine? Are they trying to do a "spin" on Turk food?

      When a new Italian place opens it's not; Italian-ish, Chinese-ish, Thai-ish etc.

      Is the concept, we are bringing you food something like we eat in our home land of Turkey?

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      1. re: jrvedivici

        Same reason its Turkish cigarettes and Turkish coffee and Turkish everything else. Jewish, Irish, Danish, Scottish...same thing.

      2. Is it in the same mall as CVS? This I got to check!

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        1. re: wench31

          Yes, wench!! That is where it is.

          I want to say it said "Safra" but I can't remember. I'm so there in a few days! lol

          1. re: Angelina

            I saw it driving by. Wife wouldn't let me stop. I'm pretty sure it was "Sofra". NOT in the same location as Romeo's... a few doors down to the right.

          2. re: wench31

            I will check it out tomorrow when I go to the gym. Must be in the location where Romeo's pasta factory was.

          3. I stopped by and picked up a menu during the day. My husband took a peek inside and said that it looked fancy in there. Wine glasses, waiters dressed up and tablecloths. Wonder why they picked that spot? I uploaded menu. Hope you can read it!

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              I just stopped by there and picked up a menu to upload but you beat me to it. I peeked inside because it wasn't open yet. It's much nicer than I expected it to be. The tables were set with white table cloths. I doubt I will be able to get Mr. Toonik to take me there so I will go with my friend when she gets back for a vacation. I hope it's good.

            2. Trying again! I hate computers!

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                Me thinks your scanner needs a tune up...