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New Turkish restaurant~Marlboro

Does anyone have info on this? It's on Rt. 79, across the street from Osteria Rustica. I was at the light, and quickly glanced over and saw a sign that said Grand Opening. The names escapes me, but I did see Turkish cuisine. I tried googling, but no luck.

Anyone else know or have tried? Thanks!!

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  1. Pure speculation on my part but hopefully some sort affiliation with the former Marmarma. Too bad that place closed. Seems like an odd location though.

    1. I'm sorry I don't have anything constructive to add to this but your post brought up an interesting question. Why is it "Turkish" cuisine? Why isn't it Turk cuisine? Are they trying to do a "spin" on Turk food?

      When a new Italian place opens it's not; Italian-ish, Chinese-ish, Thai-ish etc.

      Is the concept, we are bringing you food something like we eat in our home land of Turkey?

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        Same reason its Turkish cigarettes and Turkish coffee and Turkish everything else. Jewish, Irish, Danish, Scottish...same thing.

      2. Is it in the same mall as CVS? This I got to check!

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          Yes, wench!! That is where it is.

          I want to say it said "Safra" but I can't remember. I'm so there in a few days! lol

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            I saw it driving by. Wife wouldn't let me stop. I'm pretty sure it was "Sofra". NOT in the same location as Romeo's... a few doors down to the right.

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            I will check it out tomorrow when I go to the gym. Must be in the location where Romeo's pasta factory was.

          3. I stopped by and picked up a menu during the day. My husband took a peek inside and said that it looked fancy in there. Wine glasses, waiters dressed up and tablecloths. Wonder why they picked that spot? I uploaded menu. Hope you can read it!

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              I just stopped by there and picked up a menu to upload but you beat me to it. I peeked inside because it wasn't open yet. It's much nicer than I expected it to be. The tables were set with white table cloths. I doubt I will be able to get Mr. Toonik to take me there so I will go with my friend when she gets back for a vacation. I hope it's good.

            2. Trying again! I hate computers!

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                Me thinks your scanner needs a tune up...

              2. We decided to take a ride and hit up this place on Saturday. We had no idea of the name at the time or even if it was opened yet. Upon driving by we saw a neon open sign and so, after stopping at the Asian Market to pick up a few things, we headed across the street.

                There was a banner strung across the front indicating the restaurant had only opened on the 18th, or just 4 days earlier. Had we known this, we probably would have waited a bit before trying the place out but since we were there, and saw one of our favorite dishes on the menu, we headed in.

                We were greeted quickly and shown to a table. As others have already noted, the space was well appointed but I wouldn’t call it fancy. There were about 4 other tables occupied, maybe a total of 25 other people. We brought wine, which was handled well by the young staff. Warmish bread and really good olives were brought as we looked over the menu.

                We took some time deciding what to have. It had the fairly standard Turkish/Middle Eastern fare – gyros, kebabs of various types, grilled fish, etc. In the end, Mr. Bean had the Iskender Kabeb, “-Turning grill meat served with garlic infused yogurt and tomato sauce over pita bread.” The Sprout ordered the Manti, “Hand rolled Turkish ravioli with ground meat served with garlic infused yogurt and tomato sauce”. I had Imam Bayildi, “Baby eggplant stuffed with onions, pine nuts, raisins and garlic, cooked with olive oil and served with rice” (which was actually bulgur). We also ordered the mixed appetizer platter and the sauteed beef liver.

                The one of the owners came over to introduce himself (can’t remember his name) and we chatted for a few minutes. He was trying hard to make sure we had a pleasant experience but was tempering our expectations by explaining that the restaurant had only been a short time and that there may be some kinks that needed to be worked out. He asked us to please let us know if there were any problems.

                The appetizers were delivered within a short time. The mixed platter included Hummus, Babaganoush, Eggplant, Ezme (fresh tomato, spicy green peppers, walnuts, lemon, parsley, garlic and onions), and Haydari (yogurt with dill and garlic). Everything was good. Our favorite was the Ezme. The liver appetizer was small cubes of beef liver which were crisply fried, with just amount of seasoning. Loved the liver.

                The time between appetizers and main courses was a bit excessive. The owner again stopped by to apologize for the delay. Two dishes were brought out first, and then a few minutes later the third was brought to the table. Unfortunately, the first two were lukewarm by the time we got them. Fortunately, they still were good.

                Mr. Bean enjoyed the Iskender Kabob though he thought it could use more sauce and wished the grilled peppers served as an accompaniment were hot instead of sweet. It was in a little different format than he was used to – rather than toasted pita topped with “Gyro” meat, spicy tomato sauce and yogurt, this version had the sauce and yogurt served next to the meat. I had the Imam Bayaldi. It was ok, but I thought it could use more seasoning. The best dish was The Sprout’s Manti. The ravioli were tiny with a bold yogurt sauce. Portions were large and we had some leftovers for lunch the next day. We finished the meal with Kazandibi, “Bottom of the pot pudding roll” . It was OK, we’ve had better.

                Overall, we enjoyed our meal despite some minor missteps. Given Sofra’s very short tenure, they are to be expected. We've been to many places in business much longer that are no better and often worse. We’ll definitely be back, but probably not for a month or two.

                One last note, the web address on the menu does not work.


                1. My wife and I ate there a couple of nights ago.

                  It is [very] good---and my wife is quite particular about food.

                  She had a pomegranate salad, quite tasty and big enough to be a meal, and she also had a fine lamb kebab. I had Kofte kebab, also excellent and very tender.

                  Besides the delicious and well-presented dishes, the service was attentive, the owner was friendly, the atmosphere was nice, and the prices were good.

                  It's not 100 percent fine-tuned yet, and after all they are new. But they are darn good already, and will get even better with a little more time.

                  This area has a surplus of other ethnic foods, from Italian to Chinese to Greek diners. This new place is a good addition.

                  1. We went last week and the place was packed! I know why..the food is very good! The liver was very tender as was the lamb cubes! We had enough for 2 more meals the next day! Rice was great! They also have a belly dancer on the weekends.

                    We will definately return! Hope my pics help you out!! Worth a trip!