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Mar 19, 2014 06:05 PM

Lunch at Momofuku noodle bar - what to order?

Hi all

Will be in TO for the weekend and have rezzies for lunch at Noodle bar. What are the can't miss items? Pork buns and cold noodles? My daughter loves ramen but some reviews said it was bland? And any tips for best desserts to try at Milk bar?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ramen is probably one of the weakest things on the menu, instead...

    Just about anything on the etc. menu, especially the fried chicken and caviar.

    The ginger and scallion noodles

    The burger bun was a nice tasty bit of fun

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      So is Momofuku better than Mother's Dumplings on Spadina? I realise that their menus are not identical, but for a lunch that's basically flour, water, ground pork, ginger etc., Just wondering....

      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

        They're entirely different restaurants, not remotely alike.

        Momofuku Noodlebar is a casual restaurant serving modern composed dishes and modern interpretations of classic Asian soups and noodle dishes. It's very easy to eat a meal there that has no buns or noodles.

        Mother's Dumplings is a Chinese restaurant that serves dumplings but other Chinese dishes and noodle dishes.

        Neither is "basically flour, water, ground pork, ginger, etc."

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          methinks KV is making some obscure point in reference to something that happened on another thread.
          Chowhound Toronto board rocks!

    2. Kimchi stew is off menu but they will make it and is one of the best things to come out of the Noodle Bar kitchen.

      Hot and spicey noodles, pork buns and smoked chicken wings are other classics (so yeah, pork buns and cold noodles, plus chicken wings).

      The ramen's good but unspectacular.

      Milk Bar is a shadow of what it was when it first opened in NYC and now sucks where ever you go. If you want something, get the cookies.

      1. Pork Buns should be the very first thing you have, I think.

        Corn cookies are friggin delish. As is Crack Pie.

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          1. re: magic

            I'm jealous that you were there today :)

            1. re: kwass

              Go, kwass. It's time already.

              1. re: magic

                I know! I'm definitely going soon! BTW magic, although totally unrelated to this thread, I'm going to check out Calabria next weekend, so I'll let you know my thoughts :)

                1. re: kwass

                  Look forward to that post. Splendid.

        1. i honestly think that for the calories in the buns they're not worth it, but if you haven't tried them or want to try them i wouldn't discourage it, they're just not that special anymore. the chilled spicy noodles are my favourite thing for sure

          1. Another vote for chilled spicy noodles. I was unaware that the kimchee stew was still an option as it has left the menu but I loved that as well. I've had the ramen and liked it but the flavours are much more subtle.

            The buns are pretty good but not groundbreaking - had the shitake ones the other day and they were ok but agree with others that I would prioritize the noodles.

            As for Milk Bar I am not crazy about what the pre-packaging does for their cookie-type products. I saw some new truffles in there the other day - malted milk and dulce de leche - that looked worthy of a try. Although they are incredibly sweet I do like the bday truffles.

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            1. re: Cat123

              As an aside:

              "The buns are pretty good but not groundbreaking"

              is kind of a funny statement. Certainly they're not ground-breaking in Toronto 2014, but they were in New York 2004 and then everyone, everywhere started copying the dish, including here! So now the original stops looking so groundbreaking. They're worth a try for historical reasons.

              (And before someone reminds me that Chinese pork buns have existed for centuries, yes, I know. But Chang was the first one to chef them up and make them a massive food trend)

              1. re: Cat123

                Huh, I thought the cookies were okay (although underbaked cookies are obviously better when super fresh) but the pumpkin pie truffles I had were stale-ish, although actually better chilled than at room temperature because it killed some of the off flavours. The opposite being true for the cookies, they are better after being out of that chilled room for a while.