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Mar 19, 2014 05:46 PM

Walkable in the Marina? [San Francisco]

We'll be visiting SF for a few days next week, staying on Lombard in the Marina. We're planning on eating at Tadich one night, but would love something walkable for the other night. We're not looking for fine dining, casual is best, any ethnicity okay.

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  1. My favorite restaurant on Lombard by far is Zushi Puzzle. If you are not into sushi, it's probably not for you. But if you are, make damn sure you get a reservation for the chef's counter. That's where the fun is.

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        1. If your motel is west of Fillmore Street, some options at the west end of Lombard St. and within walking distance are:

          1) Baker Street Bistro for French-ish fare (on Baker Street just south of Lombard.

          2) Liverpool Lil's for pub fare, burgers, etc. (on Lyon Street just south of Lombard

          3) Presidio Social Club for what I would call "all-American" fare (just inside the Lombard St. gate to the Presidio)

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            Presidio Social Club is in a converted army barracks with an old-school atmosphere and a good rendition of American comfort food. Here are a few photos of a recent visit.


          2. a16
            brazen head
            cafe de amis