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Walkable in the Marina? [San Francisco]

We'll be visiting SF for a few days next week, staying on Lombard in the Marina. We're planning on eating at Tadich one night, but would love something walkable for the other night. We're not looking for fine dining, casual is best, any ethnicity okay.

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  1. My favorite restaurant on Lombard by far is Zushi Puzzle. If you are not into sushi, it's probably not for you. But if you are, make damn sure you get a reservation for the chef's counter. That's where the fun is.

      1. Bin 38, Verbena, Stones throw, A16, Terzo, Tipsy pig(tho can be a scene). Many options

        1. If your motel is west of Fillmore Street, some options at the west end of Lombard St. and within walking distance are:

          1) Baker Street Bistro for French-ish fare (on Baker Street just south of Lombard.

          2) Liverpool Lil's for pub fare, burgers, etc. (on Lyon Street just south of Lombard

          3) Presidio Social Club for what I would call "all-American" fare (just inside the Lombard St. gate to the Presidio)

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            Presidio Social Club is in a converted army barracks with an old-school atmosphere and a good rendition of American comfort food. Here are a few photos of a recent visit.


          2. a16
            brazen head
            cafe de amis

            1. Yukol Thai...anyone been recently? Really liked it when we went years ago.

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                  That sounds just about perfect, both type of food and distance from our hotel. Thanks.

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                    I posted more about my lunch at Sabrosa here,

                    It's kitty-korner from the Balboa Cafe that OliverB recommends, making it easy for you to take a look at both and decide what suits you.

                2. Lombard and what?

                  I like Balboa Cafe on Fillmore for well made staples; burger, salads, strip steak, etc. Their daily specials are usually reliable too; they do a meatloaf, chicken pie, prime rib, etc. You can order lighter fare like scallops, oysters, tuna tartatre, crab cakes, and similar. Their pasta is more than servicable too. Nothing mind blowing or destination worthy, but everything is done very well; especially their burger which is perfectly charbroiled and served between two wedges of sourdough, like at Joe's. They also mix excellent classic cocktails and the atmosphere beats out anything else in the Marina. It's my "go-to" when I'm in the neighborhood. My wife gets her bangs trimmed nearby on weekends, so we make a point of eating here at least once a month. It's a block-and-a-half up from Lobard on Fillmore and (I think) Greenwich. Personally, I've yet to find any really great food in the Marina. My wife likes Tacko for a quick grab'n'go but I'm not a big fan. We live about 10 blocks up Van Ness so we walk down Union often and have tried many places and I'd always rather go to Balboa when I'm in the neighborhood.

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                    Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. We wound up at the Balboa Cafe and had a wonderful meal - shared some oysters, crab cakes and a burger. We sat at the bar, and thoroughly enjoyed our cocktails as well - martini for me, excellent Manhattan for DH. We'd definitely go back.

                    We did look at Sabrosa and liked their menu, but it was pretty quiet at 6:30, and the energy just wasn't there. Balboa was it for us.

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                      Glad you enjoyed it. It's always pretty buzzing around the bar which lends to the overall atmosphere, even in off-hours. Balboa's been around since 1913, it's one of the lesser mentioned old San Francisco establishments but I've always found it consistent.

                  2. If it were me, I'd go with one of:
                    - A16: Italian, wood-fired pizzas, great wine.
                    - Mamacita: Mexican(-ish), margaritas.
                    - Delarosa: Cocktails, pizzas.