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Mar 19, 2014 04:20 PM

Birmingham: Saw's not so great

I went to Saw's Homewood today. I had good BBQ here a couple of years ago on a prior visit to Grandma's.

This time, it smelled great coming into the place. Got some ribs, a pork sandwich, a chicken sandwich and a tater with BBQ pork. The chicken sandwich was bland, no smoke flavor. Ribs were dried out toward one end and inedible. The not dried out end was good. The sauce was very good. Tangy. As advertised. The pork sandwich was juicy, but no bark and no smoke taste at all.

In many other cities in the USA, this would be top notch BBQ. I will go to Full Moon next time. I had their BBQ at Christmas time, 2013 and it was much better.

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  1. Huh. There are three Saw's in town. It's not the end all be all but every one one I've eaten at has been world's better than the 'cue at Full Moon. Jim and Nicks is even better than that chopped stuff at FM. Now service at Saw's can be lacking but the food at all three is generally great. I don't really do smoked chicken when pork is available. I need to get back to the homewood location and see if it is slipping.

    1. I agree with Dax. Your experience is atypical. Saw's really is the best in the Birmingham area.