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Mar 19, 2014 04:18 PM

Anyone do FISH Breakfast Burritos?

Having some mouth problems lately and thinking about a kinder, gentler breakfast than anything bready, especially toast, and of course thought of those burritos. But ground beef is a problem, too … so in my further ruminations I thought that if Mr. Fish made one it'd be exactly what I wanted. But I think they just do tacos. On the other hand, my knowledge of what's available in the vast reaches of L.A. County is no match for that of many fellow 'Hounds, so I'm tossing this out. I may very well come up with one of my own, but that's a matter for a different Board.

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  1. What about fish tacos? After all they are just deconstructed (or maybe halfway constructed?) burritos.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Yes, I mentioned those, you might notice. The differences are beyond mere size, starting with tacos = small corn tortillas, burritos = big flour ones. I might just run this notion by the folks at Tonny's, just down the street from me; they have fried catfish on their breakfast menu …

      1. re: Will Owen

        A good excuse to visit Ricky it seems.

          1. re: Servorg

            Thanks for the list Servorg - that chile relleno burrito at La Tortilleria Azteca looks divine!

            1. re: happybaker

              I loved the tortilla but, I was pretty disappointed in that burrito as well as everything else I've had there other than their tortillas.

              1. re: JAB

                Respectfully disagree. I absolutely love that burrito.

        1. re: Will Owen

          Ugh, a Hound with mouth problems. My sympathies, and I hope the problem passes!

          I can't imagine that if ground beef is a problem, the (should be) crispy batter on anything fried won't be as well? And a grilled fish breakfast burrito sounds...kinda yucky?

          1. re: jesstifer

            The problem isn't scratchiness so much as strained jaw and neck from a fall, and the usual sweeping up we do with our tongues without thinking about it is suddenly very painful. It will pass, and largely has, but as I've mentioned elsewhere the idea of just about any seafood in a breakfast-burrito setting does not Yuck me at all, though at the moment rice would be easier to deal with than potatoes, unless they were good cottage fries.

      2. I'm a bit confused with this one...
        So are you looking for a deep fried battered fish wrapped in a large tortilla with eggs, salsa and potatoes?

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        1. re: burntwater

          and cheese. like a breakfast FoF burrito.


          1. senior fish. they'll basically make it any way you want with a variety of fishes.

            1. Muchas gracias for all the input, kids. Knew I could count on you. Señor Fish would be a great option, but I don't think they offer eggs, though scallops would be awesome! That La Azteca chile relleno burrito is another stunner, putting one of my most favorite food items inside of another one. That could be worth a trip …

              I know fish for breakfast doesn't appeal to everyone, but since discovering the catfish option on a Cracker Barrel breakfast plate years ago, and happily finding a similar offering on Tonny's menu out here, it's been a big favorite of mine (though Tonny's chilaquiles con huevos gets me too). And I'm sure they'll be happy to give me tortillas instead of toast!

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              1. re: Will Owen

                CJ's on pico does great fried catfish, and great mexican breakfasty stuff -- i bet they could hook that up for you

                1. re: jessejames

                  That reminds me that I haven't been there in like ever.

                2. re: Will Owen

                  Will Owen,

                  Well the menu says they offer a breakfast burrito - why not call and ask if it's eggs? And fish!


                  1. re: happybaker

                    You looked up the menu? Isn't that cheating?? ;-)

                    If it's Señor Fish and it's a breakfast burrito, then I'm forced to assume it contains eggs (breakfast) and fish (the only meat in the place, unless there's a shrimp or scallop option). So without much further ado, I shall schedule a little trip to Eagle Rock en la mañana …

                    Oopsie, I guess it's been too long since my last visit – they have MEAT. Okay, but I'm still gonna go ask. I like that place anyway. I think the food's a tad better in South Pas, but the room there is like a bus station.