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Mar 19, 2014 04:07 PM

Dolce Monachelli - awesome, awesome mini bundt cakes. Available at your local FM

These guys are a class act, so I figure I'd give back by giving them some public props.

You may have seen these guys at your local FM - they sell these mini bundt cake looking things, with the hustle "hey, care for a taste of the best cake you'll ever have?"

yeah, he got me with it once and while I can't say it's the best cake I've ever had, I always buy 4 of them when I see him (which is every other week for the past 6 months).

The cake itself is usually super moist because of the rum, and generally sweet but not too sweet. Their best seller is "italian rum", and for good reason - it is fucking delicious. Perfect textural/taste balance for this hound. I'm good for 2 of these everytime I see him.

my GF's favorite is the chocolate decadence. While the others I've tried are good, I always go back to italian rum/chocolate decadence.

Varying prices for singles (3.50-4), 3/$10, 4/$12. They also sell big whole cakes.

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    1. Honestly, for me it's just too fucking sweet. The first bite is the best thing I've had, but I go into a sugar coma before I finish half.

      Also, I read their ingredients and got freaked out by the artificial flavors and preservatives.

      Still that first bite is delicious.

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      1. re: Butter Fight

        Yes. It is most certainly not non gmo organic blah blah. I also eat them with coffee. Wifey does not, but she has a mad sweet tooth.

      2. The original comment has been removed