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Mar 19, 2014 03:43 PM

HK - Speciality tempura rest, recommendations pls

HI, I'll be heading to HK in April. I've planned out most of my meals given that I'm only in HK for abt 72 hours. Given how HK people love Japanese food, I was hoping for a speciality Japanese tempura bar.

However, it seems that my searches have only come up with Jap restaurants which tempura and others. What I've found so far: Ten Yoshi, Inagiku and Ana Guru.

It does seem slightly odd to me that HK does not have a tempura restaurant. By that I mean, solely focusing on tempura, offers different varieties of salt, does not offer teppanyaki at the same time etc.

Can anyone suggest a good tempura joint? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Why is it odd that HK does not have a tempura-dedicated restaurant (maybe it does, but don't know of one). Have you seen the rents in this town?

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      Yes, and I'm saddened by the fact that some of the places I ate at last April are not going to be around due to rents. It's only been 1 yr, how bad were the renting situation anyhow?

    2. Never heard of Ten Yoshi and Ana Guru.

      But Inagiku is probably one of the more famous places for tempura courses in town (although I'm sure not cheap). At least they do it true to Ginza/Edo style based on footage I've seen online. You probably want to make a reservation and specify you want tempura dinner and sit by the bar in front of the tempura fryer (with the brass dome cover). Sesame oil, seasonal veg, most ingredients imported from Japan, Japanese chef, the whole 9 yards.
      But as you already know, Inagiku also branches into other parts of the Japanese culinary spectrum, it is inevitable since it is located in high traffic (and high rent) spots to attract locals and visitors with broader palettes.

      Tempura and specialists places, do still take a back seat to high end Ginza style nigiri places in town (or in terms of popularity). Wagyu is probably not too far behind.