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Mar 19, 2014 02:33 PM

Where to take a 16 year old for dinner in the Mission [SF]?

A friend is coming into town with her 16 year old daughter, a high school junior, to look at colleges and want me to choose a place for dinner for the three of us, with some minimal sightseeing before. I was thinking a walk around the Mission including a stop to see the murals in Balmy Alley and then dinner. The daughter is not an adventurous eater. Any suggestions of a restaurant in the Mission that a 16 year old would think was fun? They're from Southern California, so they have plenty of taquerias and Mexican food, but anything else would be fine, I'm just not in the habit of entertaining high school aged people. Entrees $25 and under would be ideal.

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  1. Locanda is fun and has a decent amount of variety. Limon Rotisserie could be another option.

    1. My son and I enjoyed Pizzeria Delfina. Not exactly a restaurant, but we spent about $50.00! We spent the day "snacking" at various other places as well. BI RITE, Baker and Wolf bakery...something like that. A place a few doors down that specializes in choclate. One between those two that has cheese dishes. Has "cheese" in the name. I can get details if you're interested.

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          What colleges are they looking at? That's one of my other favorite forum things. I'll add a link to California Colleges on

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            Pizzeria Delfina would have been my suggestion as well.

          2. Non adventurous? non Mexi-Cal-ian? Non expensive? That narrows the list way, way down.

            For "fun" I'd say LoLo, Dosa, Udupi Palace, Esperpento... but those might be too "adventurous"? LoLo will be hard to get a reservation for too.

            Limon Rotisserie is reliably good and reasonably priced. Some items may not appeal to her, but their mainstay dish, pollo a la brasa, is a crowd pleaser.

            There's always the ever expanding realm of pizza restaurants. I still love Pauline's. Little Star, Beretta, Pizza Hacker... also come to mind.

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                I'll second little star and beretta. I'll also throw in Rosamunde for sausage and french fries(look into it, might be too casual). For a little more upscale, Luna Park. Not exciting or memorable, but the food is solid, it's popular, and it's close to the 16th and valencia hub . (i speculate on what 16 year olds find cool. )

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                  definitely luna park - i always forget about that place - but very solid, accessible food.

              2. dr. teeth; though might want to do some research on when they're 21+ only.

                all sorts of fun, creative, tasty, junk food. not gourmet by any stretch but will satisfy anyone, as long as they're not health freaks.