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Mar 19, 2014 02:32 PM

Evening BBQ establishment?

My big brother is coming into town and he wants 'Q. Where do you suggest we hit up for BBQ after 3 pm on a Monday? I know Franklin's is closed that day, and I've figured that La, Mueller and Micklethwait are sold out by dinner time. I want to hit up Live Oak, as I've never been. I live close to Stiles Switch, but am in the mood to try something new.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rudy's or Salt Lick in Round Rock

    1. Very few nightime options for superior BBQ. Iron Works isn't great but they don't run out of stuff. Same for Black's in Lockhart, but honestly it isn't worth the drive. Best option is Salt Lick Dripping Springs. Otherwise buy some La BBQ on Sunday and have it for him when he gets in Monday.

      1. Live Oak will be just the ticket for you. They don't even serve their special of the day until early afternoon (2 or 3). We've never been there that late, but if the regular menu is an indication, get the special (and tell me about it).

        Meats are level with Styles Switch. Beef rib isn't as magical, but still worth ordering. Sides are solid. Back patio is sparse but there.

        We think it's right up there in the top 3ish depending on the day and there's no line and it doesn't even get going until way after everyone else has closed down.

        1. We really enjoy Freedman's on campus. We sit at the bar and get the holy trinity; brisket, sausage and pork ribs. We've taken guests from San Diego, San Francisco and New York. Everyone had a great time and loved the BBQ.

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            How much is that plate, chispa_c? What are the proportions of the meats? How many ribs and are they spareribs?

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              Freedmen's is closed on Monday according to the website.

            2. Live Oak's sides (collards namely) are good and I've gone and enjoyed the beef sausage, chicken and pork steak. I'm less a fan of their brisket than the other four you mention. I will warn you though, unless things have changed in the few months since I've been in there, your clothes will wreak of smoke until you put them through the washer. That's actually what's kept my lunch crew and I from a more frequent visitation schedule because it's a little embarrassing to blow away a meeting room with post oak smoke (or whatever they use) hours after eating lunch.