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Your new comfort food

I was thinking today when I ate my lunch serving of steamed broccoli with grated cheese and bacos, what I really wanted was brown rice with steamed broccoli over it. Or, fried brown rice with stir fried onion slivers and broccoli. My new comfort food. I don't know of a better combination, at least for me.

What are your new comfort foods, now that you follow a different eating plan than before?

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  1. I'm so embarrassed, but when I don't feel well or much like eating, it's Boston Market dark chicken quarters. Only time I eat them or any mass market chicken on purpose.

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      If I am being a bad girl, I want fried chicken. And I am not particular. A day after surgery in January, Mr. Sueatmo asked what I wanted to eat. I asked for fried chicken! I understand your craving completely.

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        Oh yes fried chicken! It's not actually very high in carbs but it's chicken seems to be a theme in my comfort food. Also roasted chicken really hits the spot.

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        I soooo agree! One of my favorite comfort foods is a rotisserie chicken or Peruvian chicken. No one gets it but I guess you do :)

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          That sounds great. Is that gluten free?

          I don't have many "allergies", but, I do have some weird reaction to poultry products and farmed fish, even organic. I recently discovered I could eat a local farmer's pasture raised chicken.

          So, I did something like this, heavy on the herbs:

          Nothing went to waste!

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            Gluten isn't an issue for me, so I've never looked into that aspect. But I just checked and found this: http://glutenfreeguidehq.com/boston-m...

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              The question was actually rhetorical from my point of view, but, somebody will find that information useful. Thanks.

        2. Chicken - roasted, rotisserie, fried
          Steak - only giant sized will do in a comfort food mood

          1. braised white beans and greens (collard and/or kale) made with
            several fresh bay leaves from my tree
            fresh rosemary
            freshly ground pepper
            olive oil for sauteeing the mirepoix and the garlic

            1. This winter there have been a few:
              - roasted cauliflower "steaks" with basalmic, capers, and whatever fresh herbs i have around
              - really dark funky barley miso soup with fresh ginger, scallions, cubed smoked tofu, and spinach or baby bok choy
              The smell of the miso/ginger/onion is sooo warming and comforting somehow...

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                that soup sounds amazing! what recipe/ratio do you use?

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                  Hmmm. No recipe.....
                  Its about 3cups water brought to a simmer with 4 slices of fresh ginger. Once simmering i turn off, then ladel a scoop of hot water on a heaping tablespoon (silverware not measuring spoon) of the miso in a deep glass and whisk together still smooth, then add that to the pot of water and ginger. The cubed smoked tofu is about 4oz (half package, the one i buy most is by "soy boy", at the bottom of the pg here:
                  http://www.soyboy.com/baked.htm )
                  I just toss the fresh spinach in the hot soup amd swirl to wilt, a big handful or so and then 2 scallions chopped fine.
                  It might take me 15min from pulling stuff out of the fridge to sitting to eat....

              2. What a coincidence. A few days ago I took sauteed together some sausage, broccoli and brown rice (all leftovers), added some grated cheese, and found it comforting. Yesterday, after a long and hard day, I made some more of it. So quick and easy when I have a stash of chopped and cooked broccoli in the freezer.

                1. Miso soup with seaweed and black mushrooms.
                  I wake up craving it.

                  1. My sweet boy hound, Ben, passed away late Thursday night at the age of 17. H and I are still grieving and empty, even though he had a good life and a peaceful passing. Any cheese ideas for my H? That's his biggest comfort food, along with prime rib, which is not a price point for tonight. I'm still in a fog with work and all, and I can't think beyond caprese salad in terms of what to offer H.

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                      In times of pain, fall back on the simple childhood treats. Grilled cheese sandwiches for the win.

                      Please also to remember that Ben can chase cats who like it and don't scratch. Also people food is abundant and GOOD for him. He'll miss you, but knows you'll be along in time.

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                          I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Pets really are just furry family members.

                          For the DH a cheesey mac and cheese, cheddar beer soup, any kind of casserole with a cheesey top, risotto finished with his favorite cheese, or a simple cheese plate snacky style dinner (cheeses, crackers or sliced baguette, grapes, sliced apple, almonds or walnuts, etc) with a big glass of wine, pimento cheese sandwich, cheese ravioli or manicotti.....

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                            Oh, I'm sorry. What a beauty.

                            As for food, an arugula salad with lemony dressing and slices of blue or melted parmesan crisps?