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Mar 19, 2014 02:31 PM

Your new comfort food

I was thinking today when I ate my lunch serving of steamed broccoli with grated cheese and bacos, what I really wanted was brown rice with steamed broccoli over it. Or, fried brown rice with stir fried onion slivers and broccoli. My new comfort food. I don't know of a better combination, at least for me.

What are your new comfort foods, now that you follow a different eating plan than before?

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  1. I'm so embarrassed, but when I don't feel well or much like eating, it's Boston Market dark chicken quarters. Only time I eat them or any mass market chicken on purpose.

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    1. re: mcf

      If I am being a bad girl, I want fried chicken. And I am not particular. A day after surgery in January, Mr. Sueatmo asked what I wanted to eat. I asked for fried chicken! I understand your craving completely.

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        Oh yes fried chicken! It's not actually very high in carbs but it's chicken seems to be a theme in my comfort food. Also roasted chicken really hits the spot.

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        I soooo agree! One of my favorite comfort foods is a rotisserie chicken or Peruvian chicken. No one gets it but I guess you do :)

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          That sounds great. Is that gluten free?

          I don't have many "allergies", but, I do have some weird reaction to poultry products and farmed fish, even organic. I recently discovered I could eat a local farmer's pasture raised chicken.

          So, I did something like this, heavy on the herbs:

          Nothing went to waste!

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            Gluten isn't an issue for me, so I've never looked into that aspect. But I just checked and found this:

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              The question was actually rhetorical from my point of view, but, somebody will find that information useful. Thanks.

        2. Chicken - roasted, rotisserie, fried
          Steak - only giant sized will do in a comfort food mood

          1. braised white beans and greens (collard and/or kale) made with
            several fresh bay leaves from my tree
            fresh rosemary
            freshly ground pepper
            olive oil for sauteeing the mirepoix and the garlic

            1. This winter there have been a few:
              - roasted cauliflower "steaks" with basalmic, capers, and whatever fresh herbs i have around
              - really dark funky barley miso soup with fresh ginger, scallions, cubed smoked tofu, and spinach or baby bok choy
              The smell of the miso/ginger/onion is sooo warming and comforting somehow...

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              1. re: Ttrockwood

                that soup sounds amazing! what recipe/ratio do you use?

                1. re: dinaofdoom

                  Hmmm. No recipe.....
                  Its about 3cups water brought to a simmer with 4 slices of fresh ginger. Once simmering i turn off, then ladel a scoop of hot water on a heaping tablespoon (silverware not measuring spoon) of the miso in a deep glass and whisk together still smooth, then add that to the pot of water and ginger. The cubed smoked tofu is about 4oz (half package, the one i buy most is by "soy boy", at the bottom of the pg here:
                  I just toss the fresh spinach in the hot soup amd swirl to wilt, a big handful or so and then 2 scallions chopped fine.
                  It might take me 15min from pulling stuff out of the fridge to sitting to eat....

              2. What a coincidence. A few days ago I took sauteed together some sausage, broccoli and brown rice (all leftovers), added some grated cheese, and found it comforting. Yesterday, after a long and hard day, I made some more of it. So quick and easy when I have a stash of chopped and cooked broccoli in the freezer.