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Mar 19, 2014 02:03 PM

great food - but with kids

My husband and I are traveling to Chicago soon - my absolute favorite city. We are introducing our 4 year old twins to the city for the first time. If we were visiting by ourselves- we would try and snag last minute seating to Alinea or Grace, as we usually try to do when we go. But - certainly would not even try to come close to that with kids in tow. We will be staying on Michigan Ave, and would like to find a few places where kids are welcome, and still have tasty food - recommendations, please. Certainly not expecting fine dining, but good food.

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  1. Grand Lux Café is perfect for that.

    1. Most non-tasting-menu restaurants near where you are staying, especially if you go early, will work for your family and will not interfere with the enjoyment of other diners. Acknowledging that the best of the best are not options for this trip, what are some of your favorite cuisines or types of restaurants? Have you checked out the other "family friendly" and "kid friendly" posts on this board? Do you have any specific questions based on those recommendations? This is not a new Chowhound topic, so I suspect it is just new to you to have to think in these terms. Enjoy!

      1. Hi - Quartino, Pizzeria Via Stato, Cafe Iberico, Hub51, and Emilio's are kid friendly. M Burger and Xoco are good in the fast casual area.

        I have taken my kids to Chicago Cut and Sable Kitchen between 5-630p, and they have been welcomed.

        Portillo's is great for a quick meal. And Lou Malnati's for pizza.