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Noe Valley restaurants for visitors who likely will want to stay in the nabe [San Francisco]

We have dear friends who are going to be in the city just for a couple of days around an event their grown daughter is participating in. They're staying with someone at Church and 29th. I've 'coached' them in how to take the J to the Civic Center for that. I'm guessing they'd be happier eating dinner tomorrow night in NV. I don't think there's anything in particular that they don't like food-wise but maybe not too 'out there.' I know they'd be unlikely to get a last minute res at La Ciccia. Firefly used to be really good but we haven't been there in years. Anything on 24th Street or Church between 24th and 30th that you'd recommend? I don't think they'd be comfortable trekking around in the Mission. I know this is last minute but I just found out about it. I and they'd really appreciate any recs. TIA.

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  1. On Church, they could try to get into La Nebbia. Incanto probably too jammed in its final week. Tataki South is meh, as is Pomelo IMO. Fattoush works in a pinch I guess.

    On/near 24th, I hear that Saru Sushi is pretty good, and Contigo has a fine reputation. I would consider Front Porch or Ichi or Pizzahacker - these places are all closer to 29th/Church than 24th St. and it wouldn't really require "trekking around".

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      Agree with bigwheel042 about the recs for Front Porch, Ichi and Pizzahacker. You could also maybe add Blue Plate to that list if they have space. Another option is Angkor Borei.

      These places are all in La Lengua/Mission, but from 29th and Church, getting to them definitely doesn't involve trekking around.

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        Saru Sushi is really, really good. I prefer it to many of the "big name" sushi places in town, even though it is small and local.

        As others have said, Contigo is fabulous, and definitely try La Nebbia… the pizza is incredible.

      2. Contigo serves great traditional Spanish tapas, maybe the best in town.

        1. Incanto. The vibe could be outstanding.

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            Incanto's fully booked though if they walk in early or late they might be able to get seats in the bar.

            1. Thanks for the fast replies. I've just sent him this link. With the suggestion to grab La Ciccia asap :) That's our old nabe but we don't get back very often. Thanks again, kids.

              1. Several years ago, the owner of Bacco passed away, but they are still open, so that would be one of my top choices.

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                  I'm trying to remember. Is that the place that had a 'velvet' curtain ust as you walked in the door? If so, we loved that. Regardless, the menu looks great.

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                    I don't remember the velvet curtain at all, but Bacco is on Diamond, just off 24th. We do a house trade every year in the area, off the Kite Hill Open Space Park, and Bacco was about a 10 minute walk away.

                    I agree with bdl below that Firefly is exceptionally good, and worth a visit if you have never been before.

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                      I think youre correct about the curtain/improvised vestibule substitute. its been a while since ive been back, but growing up in the area bacco is a good call (didnt know the owner had died, havent been in a couple years but it was always one of the better options in that neck of the woods - noting that many of the places mentioned up thread are quite a bit newer)

                  2. Agreed that Contigo is great and fun ( though pricey to some). There's a new Indian "Holy Kitchen" in the site of the recently departed Swatdee Thai on 24th at Diamond. IMO Firefly is better than ever and serving food rather different than many restaurants of it's ilk. I think the owner (and original chef) is back in the kitchen.