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Mar 19, 2014 01:03 PM

Big Harlies BBQ Sayerville

Just had lunch at Harlies BBQ in sayerville.
Had a really great Rib special (nice smokey flavor, sauce optional and on the side). I got four bones and great choice of sides I had the dirty rice (really good with a small kick) & string beans (okay) that came with the lunch special. Nice portion for a lunch. My son had the homade baked beans and mac and cheese with a pulled pork sandwich. The pork was cooked just right and it was not too sweet (a turnoff for me)
I was told that they are going to have a grand opening in April. This was a good value and the only good BBQ i have had in the area. Worth a check out.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Seems like alot of new BBQ places opening in NJ lately. Good to hear.

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      Maybe people read my husband's comment in our zine: "I was watching the weather reports of how badly the winter
      snowstorm crippled the Atlanta area. The obvious answer is an exchange. Atlanta needs to send ten students to New Jersey to find out how you handle a big snowstorm. In return New Jersey would send ten students to Atlanta to find out how you barbecue ribs."