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Mar 19, 2014 12:52 PM

Ambler help!

A friend has asked me to choose a restaurant in or around Ambler for a birthday celebration - tonight! I've only eaten at two up there - Saffron and Massa. Any suggestions at this late notice?

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  1. You have lots of choices... Detterra wine bar, from the boot for byo italian, lucky well for bbq, forest and main for gastropub in a cute victorian house, el limon and el jeffe for casual byo mexican restaurants, bridgets for steakhouse. Just outside of downtown ambler, broad axe tavern does some very good food too.

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      Thanks! I was just looking online. These suggestions look great. I'll look over the menus. How is Los Sarapes?

      1. re: JunieB

        Los Sarapes is higher end Mexican. Its sort of in Horsham/Ambler. I think the food is ok, (they also own El Sarape in Blue Bell and Los Sarapes in Chalfont). Biggest complaint I have heard about it is the cost.. it definitely does not feel like a good value. I think their mole is pretty good.

    2. As far a a little more party atmosphere and
      excellent food try Cantina Feliz Just outside of Ambler
      Modern Mexican great service
      delicious margaritas
      A few good beer choices
      Have eaten there many many times always
      have had a good experience
      A bit noisey

      1. Thanks, everyone. We have eaten at Cantina Feliz so we wanted to try something different. The birthday girl likes steak so we ended up at Bridget's. The food was pretty good and while the service was a bit slow, it didn't matter too much because we weren't in a hurry. We had 3 courses and there were no complaints.