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Mar 19, 2014 12:42 PM


So about a year ago, I turned my fourteen year old sister onto pâté. She loves going to Bartlett's for their chicken liver pâté . I recently visited WineBelly on Oltorf and First and thought their chicken liver version was pretty good as well. I have also tried the Salty Sow for their Charcuterie plate, which I believe had some kind of liver mousse on it but I don't remember it being anything special.

So the question is...where is your favorite place for some pâté? North or South is ok...



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  1. South Devonshire in the UK where they have real pate not chicken liver.

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    1. re: ericthered

      LOL. OK. Well, I meant more in the Austin area, but I will keep Devonshire in mind.

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          Probally will make it again for Moms birthday... soooooo July Ill let ya know

      1. You might stop by a Farmer's Market and try some of the products from Pate Letelier. I've enjoyed the ones that I have tried. Or you could go to Devonshire; though if I were making that long trip I would favor Provence.

        1. To eat at home, Dai Due and Salt & Time have some great offerings, and as I've mentioned on here pretty recently, Arro's got a great charcuterie plate.

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            noble sandwich company (at least the 620 location) has various seasonal pates, with a gelee on top, in mason jars. i think the last one i got was $6? it was super tasty.

          2. I'm partial to the Blonde Pate with strawberries served at Parkside.