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Mar 19, 2014 12:30 PM

Rehoboth nightlife for 3/22

I'm heading to Rehoboth this Saturday. For lunch I'll have some seafood at Fins and Henlopen Oyster. For dinner I will go to Bramble & Brine. Question is what to do after dinner? I'm a heterosexual and not particularly interested in college basketball. What's a lively place to hang out in Rehoboth?

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  1. Bethany Blues outside of Rehoboth on the Coastal Highway has live music on weekends. And Dogfish Ale House in town is a decent hangout. Plus the beer is great. But both will likely have basketball games on television. Place now called The Pond also attracts locals. I think it used to be called the Frogg Pond.

    1. Its a little early in the season, but Henlopen Oyster House does have a lively bar scene or check out nearby Dogfish Head Brewing as they tend to have live music on the weekend in addition to good beers. The (Frog) Pond also has music on the weekend with a mixed, yet entertaining crowd.

      1. Presumably you already know about Starboard in Dewey Beach and aren't interested?

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          I mostly ate. Had some clams and oysters at Fins Ale House on Rt. 1 and then clams and fried clam strips at Henlopen. Dinner at Bramble included baked artichoke, sweetbread, and poached lobster. I wasn't done eating so after a beer at Stoney Lonen, I ordered smoked bluefish and razor clams at Henlopen.

          I had 6 types of clams at Fins but they neglected to tell me what's what when the platter was unceremoniously dumped in front of me. The shucker mangled one shell and I had to spit the fragments out.

          The baked artichoke at Bramble was okay, dusted with bread crumbs and then dip it in some cheese sauce. The poached lobster was served cold, I didn't know that. It was just two cross sections , about a quarter inch thick each. They were appetizers but really precious in quantity.

          The worst dish was the razor clam at Henlopen Oyster. They did nothing to clean the clams, so it was inedibly gritty. When I didn't t eat them, they proactively asked and I responded honestly. They did take it off the check and for that the bartender got a big tip.

          The Pond was packed.... I wondered in and then wondered out.