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Mar 19, 2014 11:39 AM

Riva del Garda for two nights?

Iv'e been searching this board for info without any success... We will be staying two nights in riva and we will have a car. We are willing to take the car for a 30/45 min ride for dinner... Any recommendations in Riva for lunch and/or dinner or around in other towns?


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    1. Here's a link to a similar inquiry from last year that mentions a couple of places in Riva.

      Here is an earlier one relating the NE corner of the lake, but unfortunately the restaurant links dont work any more.

      Isera is over by the Brennera, and there seem to be several restaurants in that area, if you decide to travel so far. German cuisine is also available in Riva, because the tourism in the area of the lake is dominated by visitors from the north. You might consider trying one of these places.

      roads in the area are curvy and hilly and drives not quick - if the lake boats are running thats a really nice way to get around, if the schedules work for you. Depending on how you are getting to Riva, there might be recommendations possible on your route.