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Mar 19, 2014 11:13 AM

The World Famous Reno Room in Long Beach ?????????????

Has anyone been ?????

And what are your thoughts ??????

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  1. beyond dive bar. locals who have gone for years love it, I find it dark and depressing but glad the lights aren't on, might be scary! I think they have decent after-drinking food.

    1. looks cool

      on rec from this board i tried joe josts -- cheap drafts, pickled eggs, own calendar girls series....pretty special

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      1. re: jessejames

        Joe Josts wasn't nearly as divey as I had anticipated it to be. Cool hang though.

        1. re: JAB

          i think they pickle the eggs in the leftover hot pickled pepper juice...i tried it at home and came out nice and yellow and delicious. what better complement to a shot of whiskey is there?

          1. re: jessejames

            too bad, they just serve beer and wine at joe host's.

            if they served hard liquor.

            it would be even that much better.

          2. re: JAB

            It's cool.

            But it ain't divvy at all.

              1. re: jessejames

                my definition of divvy is a little bit more strenuous.

                dicey bars have to serve hard liquor, divey bars usually don't serve T-shirts, actually they shouldn't, divey bars don't serve beers on tap, divey bars don't have clean restrooms (and joe josts actually does which i love), divey bars are infinitesimally tiny, divey bars usually have only one bar keep at a time.

                anyhow, i still really really really like Joe Jost's.

                but those are the cardinal rules in the canonic study of bars.

                1. re: kevin

                  exceptions where pickled eggs and homegrown nudie calendars are provided.

                  what's your favorite dive bar in west hollywood area?

                  1. re: jessejames

                    i don't think i have one.

                    but i do like tana's, though that's also not exactly a dive bar. :)

                    are they really nude calendars or more just like a Hooters-ish swimsuit calendar ??????

                    what's your's i forget are you based in west hollywood ????

                    You're also a Shunji fan, if my memory serves me correctly, right or am i wrong and my memory is going the way of the dinosaur ?????????

                    1. re: kevin


                      for $4 you can can get a lot of stoli at st nicks on third st. same pour would cost you $36 up the street by my math

                      yes i really enjoy shunjis and never would have heard of it but for the hounds...

                      1. re: jessejames

                        $4 for a stoli versus $36 bucks just up the street, you mean $4 versus $13 bucks for a high-ball of stoli right ?????

                        any others in WH that you like.

                        I still have to get to the Smog Cutter which sounds like my cup of tea.

                        This is nowhere near us, but the Beach Ball in the Newport Beach area gets closer to what I'm thinking a dive bar should be like. Really crummy, real good, though they do serve potato chips and peanuts and take credit cards.

                        1. re: kevin

                          i mean the competition charges 10-14 bucks for a puny top shelf vodka (I know Stoli not everyone's favorite top shelf) that is 1/3 the size or smaller of chilled neat glass i get at st nicks.

                          i have fond memories and lack thereof from the power house on hollywood and highland...if totally trashed shithole that serves jim beam "green" and the full line of de kuypers spirits is a plus for you, this takes the cake.... ive seen a guy put his glass eye on a pile of ones on the bar for his next drinks.

                          1. re: jessejames

                            i drove my that place the other day.

                            And yes, it looks like a real "shithole", in comparison to st. nick's is the fucking polo lounge for crissakes in comparison :)

                        2. re: jessejames

                          Rip st nicks. Soon to be some farm to table taco place. Too bad.

            1. re: jessejames

              i love joe josts, except for once in a while i just wish they took credit cards.

              1. re: jessejames

                from another recent post:
                kevin 31 minutes ago
                please describe the 76 fish grill further,

                and yeah, i really really really like Joe Jost's, which is quite exceptional: crummy, mass-produced beers in schooners, gruff barkeeps, almost banker's hours (they close at ten or 11), great egg salad sandwiches slathered with mustard, ultra-cheap prices, and classic surroundings reminiscent of a classic pool hall crossed with a VFW outpost.

                btw, what do you think of the World Famous Reno Room ???????????

              2. Have a friend whose husband -- once upon a time -- frequented The Reno Room (didn't know it was world famous then; we're talking early 2000s). Every time he went she was scared. Thought he'd get shot -- or be the shooter. And not shots of the tequila variety.

                And she wasn't kidding.