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Mar 19, 2014 11:00 AM

Cheap Venue Suggestions near Mercer County

I am looking to have a 70 person bridal shower near Trenton, NJ. I am open to PA area. I just want a decent venue, that is not too expensive. I'll be trying Elk lounges, but they are not very nice looking online. Wondering if anyone had any restaurants that could be a venue or know of any Woman's clubs? I'm from N. Jersey and am still getting to know the area.


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  1. Are you looking for food and/or a full bar? If food, what or any cuisine? What area of Mercer?

    1. I'm open to food. The only thing I know my family could not eat would be Asian...otherwise everything is game.

      Trenton, Princeton, Ewing, Hamilton, Langhorne or New Hope. Pretty much within 20 miles of Trenton for the right place.

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        You might want to consider Rosa's in Hamilton Twp. See . Or, if you need a bar, the Stone Terrace also in Hamilton. See .

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          Great, thank you for the suggestion.

      2. Maybe one of the Carlucci restaurants?

        Here is a link: