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Mar 19, 2014 10:36 AM

Newport Beach/Costa Mesa/Irvine HELP

Staying at the Fairmont Saturday afternoon/evening looking for somewhere within taxi distance for either of the following:
farm-to-table fare
craft cocktails
notable bar menu
Would like up to $$$ max..... preferably american (new)/cont/french/etc... Thank you!!!!

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    1. re: JAB


      Seems to fit the description very well.

    2. You want to cab it from the Fairmont to Newport Beach?
      And back again? If that is correct and you are not looking
      for a FANCY FIND, I recommend a place in Laguna Beach
      that has fabulous food in a casual environment, try Cafe Zoolu. It is almost Hawaiian in mood. Chef Michael Leech cooks like a star; he and with his wife Toni will make certain that it is a meal to remember! Their swordfish has been called THE BEST, period!
      Had a fabulous family birthday dinner there and want to go back ASAP
      Others call it a wonderfully casual high end seafood joint!
      Check out the food photos!

      Cafe Zoolu
      860 Glenneyre Street
      Laguna Beach, California

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      1. re: VenusCafe

        The Fairmont is actually in Newport Beach, right by John Wayne Airport. That'd be like a $60 cab ride to Laguna Beach. Though, if you're going to Laguna Beach, craft cocktails are found at Broadway by Amar Santana (also buy anything with octopus), and at 370 Common across the street on Glenneyre.

        For cocktails and new American food, I'd suggest Arc, at the South Coast Collection in Costa Mesa. It's much closer than anything on PCH. Be aware that it's all fire-grilled, so some of the food can be charred, but that ($20 but enormous) burger is amazing.

      2. Perhaps Fig & Olive or Lark Creek at Fashion Island, less than 10 minutes by cab. Bistango, a tad closer in the other direction, might also work. If Italian appeals, Il Barone (walkable from the Fairmont, across MacArthur--use the crosswalk at the light) is pretty good.

        1. Try Houston's in irvine. Very classy ambiance and great large portions of flavorful food.

            1. re: Searching4Dunny

              you'll never guess LOL. Andrea's Ristoranti @ Pelican Hill, opted for the splurge! It was fantastic as always...

              1. re: loreeLB

                Heard there was a chef shuffle. Glad to hear it's holding up!