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Mar 19, 2014 10:31 AM

Trying to find bagged Ice in Florence

Will plan to enjoy lots of delicious wine next month but also prefer a cocktail or two relaxing in my apartment terrace. Can someone suggest a place in Florence where I can purchase bagged ice? Would it be a COOP? I once heard there is a small grocery in Oltrarno that sells bagged ice but have lost that info. We really need some help here so all suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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  1. Not in Florence, but once in Padova we went to a grocery store and were sent to the fish department to get some ice to chill our wine.

    1. wondering if you saw this old thread, same question

      1. If you have an apartment you will likely have a freezer and probably can make some ice yourselves.

        1. I bring something like this with me (takes up no room) and make my own when I have an apartment in Italy.

          1. In Rome the Despar supermarkets often have a few bags, so it might be worth checking the ones in Florence. If not, you should be able to find those disposable ice bags that EKC mentioned (great idea) at a grocery store.