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Mar 19, 2014 10:15 AM

Need Saturday Lunch Spot Near Jenkintown for Vegetarians

My future daughter-in-law and her parents will be visiting us in early April to meet us and to shop for a wedding gown. On Saturday afternoon we have an appointment at a bridal salon in Jenkintown. The bride's parents are both vegetarian (no fish). I have not been to Jenkintown in many years and am unfamiliar with the current dining options in that area.
Would love some help!!

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  1. try mirna's cafe in Jenkintown. It also has an outpost in blue bell.

    The salads are fresh, and they have felafel sandwiches and vegetarian pasta entrees.

    1. Marco Polo, on York Rd at Church, is a pleasant place for lunch. They have a good choice of lunch salads and of course, there is always pasta. They have a parking lot.

      1. Here's a second for Mirna's. It seems perfect for you.

        1. If you are looking for something very casual and quick, Jule's Thincrust Pizza has a nice selection of flatbreads.

          Argana Tree is a new Moroccan place in Jenkintown, with a variety of vegetarian salads and spreads for a light lunch. (BYOB)

          La Pergola attracts sedate crowd for Mediterranean flavors, but the food is good. (BYOB)

          Our Family Cafe is a friendly place for sandwiches and salads. I've only been there for breakfast but they also do lunch.

          1. If you want to be adventuresome, there's a new tiny 14-seat (!) BYOB in Jenkintown, called Forcella


            Haven't been, but it looks cute.

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                Thank you, everyone. I now have some very nice choices!