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Mar 19, 2014 10:09 AM

anyone have a pot filler?

i'm planning on installing one. 14 inches above the 36" range. smack center. we're going to have a subway tile backsplash. i'd love to hear opinions.....

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  1. Something like this could EASILY be on my list of things to get IF I ever won the lottery!!

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    1. re: kseiverd

      i hear ya. but with the wall open, it didn't cost much more than the cost of the pot filler to install. and we had an unfortunate rotten cabinet situation which necessitated wall opening/renovation.

    2. My brother got one so his petite wife didn't have to lift the pot from the sink, now she can't lift the hot pot from the stove......guess who paid for the filler and still moves the pot?

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      1. re: Raffles

        Cuts down the lifting by half, though.

        1. re: mwhitmore

          i also like the idea of conveniently being able to add water to a pot on the stove.

      2. My Dad had one in his last house. It was like a trash compactor to him. He never saw the need for one until he had it. Then he didn't understand why he didn't get one sooner.

        1. I love mine. It's been 11 years since we built this house and I use the potfill daily. Naysayers will point out the possibility for leaks - but our water heater can leak and I don't want to go without hot water. Also, yes the water-filled pots do need to be emptied but with a potfill heavy lifting is reduced by half.

          A potfill is a lovely luxury and something I would hate to be without.
          NB: we have 'soft' water throughout the house but I made certain this spigot is 'regular' water. I use it to water house plants as well as the innumerable cooking chores. Until I had this, I never realized how often I needed/wanted just a little bit of water. Now, a simple turn of the handle and I'm set.

          Ours is installed a bit higher than your 14" so my large stockpot fits. We also have a shelf above the cooktop, the potfill fits underneath it perfectly. Lovelovelove the potfill!

          1. thanks. for those who have one, what is the location?

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            1. re: eLizard

              Mine is to the (far) right of a 48" cooktop. It reaches three of the four right side burners. The griddle and left side two burners are without water, although I have been known to slide water around.