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Nov 18, 2002 05:25 AM

Looking for a bar like Toronto's Smokeless Joe's

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I know this isn't exactly about food, but this seems like a good place to ask:

The one thing I miss since moving here from Toronto is my favourite bar, Smokeless Joe's. I'm looking for a bar I can drop by after work, sometimes for food but usually just to drink, hang out and relax. There's a review at which pretty much highlights why I liked that bar so much.

The main things I'd like are:
- friendly staff
- good beer (a large selection, preferably
) - comfortable atmosphere

(It doesn't need to actually be a non-smoking bar - that would be a bonus, but it's not that important.)

The Montreal Beer Museum seemed to have something of the atmosphere I'm looking for when I dropped by with a friend, but it was completely empty when I was there and the waitress completely ignored us. I've also heard they close at odd hours - my friend tried to stop in one evening around 10:00 and they just weren't open, so he called and couldn't get a straight answer on when their hours were. Did I just have bad luck, or is it usually like that?


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  1. For bottled beer, try Bières et compagnie (two locations: one on St-Laurent between Sherebrooke and Prince-Arthur, the other on the corner of St-Denis and Marie-Anne) and funky Fûtemboule (Bernard just west of du Parc).

    Also check out some of our brewpubs: Dieu du Ciel (Laurier and Clark), Le Sergant recruiteur (St-Laurent half a block south of St-Joseph), Le Cheval blanc (809 Ontario East), L'Amèreàboire (St-Denis between Ontario and Sherbrooke) and Les 3 brasseurs (St-Denis and Emery). You'll find more detailed descriptions of these in a couple of brewpub/beer threads below.

    This being Montreal, none of the above are smokefree.