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Mar 19, 2014 09:18 AM

Pop's Chicken in Fleetwood - Coming soon

Seems to be a fast food fried chicken place going up quickly in the spot where the Grand Café used to be. Menu board already up doesn't look too promising, but looks can be deceiving. Tried a Google search for more info, but came up blank. Anyone here have more info?

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  1. Just thought I would give it a try... the good news nice counter person, very honest I gave him extra money and he returned it to me ... vast improvement over the tired old diner that was there in terms of cleaning it up...

    Now the not so good news....orders a crispy chicken salad....this should be an easy dish...salad portion good but the chicken awful... thought it would be real chicken like their fried chicken.....not at all... instead of the dish in the picture I got some awful type of frozen/cooked chicken mix like a bad chicken finger.... what a shame, I would now never order this dish nor any of their chicken tenders or fingers

    I may give them one more try on their fried chicken but I already see after two weeks that the place is not new looking....prices are strange...and looks like the chicken is cooked and sits in warmer for a long try had high hopes but like the headline suggests... doesnt look promising...

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      Thanks for taking one for the team. Haven't tried it yet myself but would definitely go for a few pieces of fried chicken over a finger/patty/tender.