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Mar 19, 2014 08:42 AM

Chiltern Firehouse (London)

Any reports on this restaurant yet? I'm reading buzz in NYC from friends who reside or eating their way through London and heard good things.

I managed to get a dinner reservation and would like to know if it's worth going or not.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. It's the 'hottest table' in London at the moment and has certainly played the media/blogger hype very well indeed.

    I imagine that like most such openings (Dabbous, Dairy, Clove Club, Story) it is very good food, but not some revolutionary never-seen-before cooking that the reviews by comped bloggers and critics make it seem.

    Nuno Mendes has a good track record, although his style of cooking isn't for everyone.

    I'd say if you've got a reservation then it's worth trying - maybe let us know what you're weighing it up against.

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      Any anyone else been yet?

      Personally I liked the food and atmos. quite a lot but I found that although the service was very friendly that it was trying a little too hard. I mean, do I really have to have “hi” or “good evening” said to me at least five times between the front door and sitting down?

      The menu is really nice with lots of different stuff on it, the crudo, octopus and pork were particularity good.

      I would go again but this appears to be the new Dabbous, in that is seems to be over-hyped and thus according to our waiter there was already a three month wait for a reservation.